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Google Taps TiVo Music Metadata for YouTube, Google Play

Google announced March 7 it’s partnered with TiVo Music Metadata to provide select artist metadata and artist images for several services, including YouTube Red, YouTube Music and the Google Play Music store.

Beyond using TiVo’s Music Metadata to connect music videos to artists’ imagery and songs, the partnership will allow Google to programmatically use TiVo music metadata to design a more dynamic user interface, one that provides a more visually immersive experience. TiVo Music Metadata covers more than 34 million tracks worldwide.

“In addition to the incredible range of our collection, TiVo Music Metadata has a unique ability to go beyond traditional tracking, linking musical library content with other relevant artist or album info, which provides a wider span of context for the listener,” said Roz Ho, SVP and GM of consumer and metadata for TiVo. “The dynamic features of our metadata made it the ideal fit for Google’s musical platforms, allowing them to create stronger entertainment experiences.”

TiVo’s Music Metadata touts its ability to give music distributors and creators a way to differentiate services, increase content usage and drive sales, by using descriptive and dynamic metadata covering millions of albums and tracks worldwide.