SoftServe Partners with Mawi to Develop Biosignal Analysis Applications

Digital consulting firm SoftServe has announced a new partnership with consumer and clinical wearable company Mawi, to use artificial intelligence for real-time recognition and prediction for biosignal analysis applications.

SoftServe will use Mawi’s software development kit and electro cardiogram (ECG) wearable devices to access raw sensor data and develop the applications, which could have wide-ranging applications across several industries, including media and entertainment, with emotion recognition research possibilities.

The first development projects will focus on human-computer interaction interfaces that involve the body, with SoftServe’s Touch My Heart project integrating the Mawi ECG band to measure the heart rate with interactive augmented reality, providing a live, direct view of the human heart. SoftServe’s R&D team is developing applications that use artificial intelligence (AI) for real-time recognition and prediction of the human body’s state.

“We are excited to collaborate with the Mawi team to build a strong program in the biotech domain,” said Mykola Maksymenko, principal scientist at SoftServe. “Through our work together the opportunities are endless. Applications can be built as a feedback loop for a range of wellness data input sources including heart rate and blood pressure tracking, emotion recognition, exercise, and even coffee consumption.”