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NAB 2019: Veritone Makes Connections; RSG Media Sees Value in Data

LAS VEGAS — The Veritone team enjoyed a week that saw NAB attendees watch how top media and entertainment companies (content creators, rights holders, producers, broadcasters, you name it) are using their solutions within various aspects of the content lifecycle, with applications and services for cloud digital asset management, broadcast ad analytics, and more.

NAB was also Veritone’s opportunity to show off the newest enhancements to its aiWARE 2.0 operating system, which includes a real-time processing framework, expanded cognitive capabilities, structured and unstructured data support, and multiple, industry-specific, turnkey applications.

“With its real-time data processing, new cognitive engines, and turnkey applications, aiWARE is a powerful tool for organizations that seek to accelerate their adoption of AI and achieve a competitive edge,” said Chad Steelberg, co-founder and CEO of Veritone, said before the show. “By empowering organizations to deploy AI solutions quickly and without extensive machine learning expertise, Veritone is charting the course to democratize AI. Our approach to a centralized AI ecosystem, easily accessible through a common platform architecture, is transforming how organizations deploy AI.”

Also at NAB:

NAGRA Has a (Good) Problem

Anthony Smith-Chaigneau, senior director of product marketing for NAGRA, lamented an issue his company had coming into NAB. “The problem we have is we can’t really bring everything to the show,” he laughed.

OTT solutions, watermarking technologies, even something new in the ATSC 3.0 space, NAGRA was indeed very busy on the show floor.

The joint ATSC 3.0 solution with BitRouter and Harmonic enables delivery of ATSC 3.0 video services, allowing broadcasters to enable ATSC 3.0 reception and monetization of content for connected and non-connected ATSC 3.0 receivers.

The product integrates NAGRA content protection technologies, and features a unique purchasing capability using existing mobile communication channels, along with ATSC OTA and broadband-IP transmission. “It’s a great collaboration,” Smith-Chaigneau said.

“NAGRA is committed to helping U.S. broadcasters prepare for the launch of ATSC 3.0 with best-of-breed solutions and partners,” said Tom Wirth, SVP of the Americas for NAGRA. “The solution we are demonstrating together makes great strides in enabling new services and monetization opportunities for the next-gen market.”

Meanwhile, Jaap Haitsma, CTO with NAGRA anti-piracy services and NexGuard, said his department is seeing more and more piracy attacks via OTT services and live-streaming sports. Piracy is going to happen, he said, and watermarking is one of the best ways to tackle it.

“When it leaks, you have to do your best, because in the end, it’s going to get out,” he said.

RSG Media Sees Value in Data

Mukesh Sehgal, president and CEO of RSG Media, touted his company’s partnership with IBM Watson, which is powering RSG’s Audience Platform, a new, cloud-based AI-decision-making service geared toward media companies. The offering aims to help meet the heavy demands of decoding data and offering insights across the enterprise.

“It’s all about getting more value out of data,” Sehgal said. “So far we’ve had an amazing response, with a lot of traffic to our booth. Through our IBM Watson partnership we can now leverage a modern and complete cloud-based data analytics portfolio, which allows us to accelerate our delivery of products and services for analytically savvy media companies.

“With less time and money spent on IT pains, we can direct our focus on our strategic imperative to provide innovate ways to maximize revenues for media companies’ content and advertising inventories.”