SAP, GK Software Develop Unique Retail Solutions (MESA)

SAP announced an extended partnership with international retail application specialist GK Software SE to deliver industry-specific solutions. The partnership includes the comprehensive alignment of a unique joint solution offering with the customer experience strategy from SAP.

The retail industry is currently undergoing a massive process upheaval, which underscores the need for industry-tailored intelligent technologies to drive success. The partnership between SAP and GK Software has been demonstrated through nearly 100 joint projects around the world.

It will be strengthened with a renewed focus on trends and innovations in cloud technologies, experience management, artificial intelligence and mobile applications within the retail sector.

A key benefit to retail companies is the further development of GK Software’s cloud offerings for various sizes and types of retail organizations. These will be made available through the new retail excellence center, which will combine the expertise of both companies to develop new concepts and solutions that address the unique needs of retailers.

“The strategic partnership with SAP has enabled us to bring our solutions into a complete offering for the retail industry,” GK CEO Rainer Gläss said. “With a dedicated focus on expanding our cloud capability offerings as well as the retail excellence center, we will proactively anticipate new trends and develop industry-oriented solutions together.”