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Veritone Helps Deliver AI-Driven MAM Solution for Italian Football Club

Veritone and its OS for artificial intelligence, aiWARE, have partnered up with media asset management (MAM) operator Evolphin Software to deliver an AI-driven MAM platform for Italian football club Internazionale Milano (Inter Milan), giving the sports organization the ability to better index, manage, and monetize its library of archived and current content.

“In partnership with Evolphin, we look forward to helping Inter Milan leverage our aiWARE platform to get maximum benefit out of its tremendously valuable content library and better serve all of its key stakeholders, from fans and viewers to sponsors and editors,” said Veritone president Ryan Steelberg.

The solution sees Evolphin Zoom MAM ingest and transcode content from Inter Milan, sending media for analysis to Veritone’s aiWARE platform, which uses AI to generate descriptive information about the content, covering spoken words, faces, logos, and advertiser names, allowing the content to be indexed and searchable.

Once aiWARE analyzes the assets — and generates the necessary metadata — the information is sent back to the Evolphin Zoom MAM platform, which acts as the orchestrator of Inter Milan’s digital content production pipeline.

“At Evolphin, we are proud to begin this journey with Inter Milan and Veritone,” said Brian Ahearn, CEO of Evolphin. “The technologies we are applying here are incredibly innovative and unlike anything available on the market today.”