NAB 2020: EditShare to Highlight Collaboration and Community to Create Amazing Together (MESA)

EditShare is set for NAB this year with workflow demonstrations and theater presentations that showcase how EditShare scale-out shared storage and collaborative media management solutions – EFS and Flow – simplify the process of storytelling. EditShare’s open solutions and extensive set of APIs support an ecosystem of partners enabling storytellers to utilize their preferred tools to build production workflows that seamlessly and securely connect individual creators and entire workgroups across cities, countries and continents.

“Our customers want an open, secure platform that will work from day one with the creative tools they use day in and day out. They want the flexibility to configure their media infrastructure either on-premise, hybrid or in the cloud, with capabilities to customize or spin up an entirely new workflow at any time. Simply put, they want to be liberated from legacy infrastructure that limits their creative freedom and business options,” states Conrad Clemson, CEO, EditShare. “EditShare solutions are ruthlessly open. They remove boundaries, jump time zones and enable customers to collaborate with the tools they want – and whoever they want – to create incredible stories. We look forward to meeting with our customers and partners at NAB 2020 to share the incredible new innovations, partnerships and programs that enable us to create amazing together.”

New EFS and Flow technology innovation highlights shown on the EditShare NAB booth include end-to-end production in the cloud, deeper integration with creative tools like Adobe® Premiere® Pro to enable advanced, collaborative editorial workflows, and practical applications of AI to enrich archives.

Flow 2020: The Foundation of Your Workflow
Flow 2020 manages the entire media technology stack. It tracks and supervises asset movement across tiered storage environments including on-premise, nearline, object storage and cloud. In addition to showcasing the wide range of cloud workflows and full-featured panel support for tight integration with Adobe Premiere Pro and other creative tools, EditShare will demonstrate practical applications of AI within the Flow environment, including the ability for users to index and organize thousands of hours of video content, eliminating manual logging while standardizing content indexing for richer search capabilities.

EFS 2020: The Industry’s Most Resilient and Scalable Media Optimized File System
EFS 2020 powers faster EditShare storage nodes and networks on-premise, in the cloud and in hybrid configurations. Fully compatible with Flow 2020, EFS 2020 enables media organizations to build extensive collaborative workflows, shielding creative personnel from the underlying technical complexity while equipping technical teams with a comprehensive set of media management tools.

The media-optimized file system features security improvements at every layer and enhanced throughput performance gains across the board. In addition to the powerful storage management tools built into EFS, our extensive set of RESTful APIs opens the door for customers and technology partners to automate advanced storage management workflows in a secure environment.

EditShare NAB Theater – The Latest Trends and Technologies
In addition to demonstrations of EFS 2020 and Flow 2020 capabilities and workflows attendees can join us for presentations in the EditShare theater covering the following industry trends and technology topics:

Remote Productions: On Ramp to The Cloud

The EditShare cloud presentations will share how real-life productions can utilize the cloud to unleash new, flexible, on-demand workflows to fit a range of different production needs. In addition to learning how Editshare is helping organizations move their productions into the cloud during the EditShare theater presentations, attendees can learn even more about EditShare cloud capabilities in the NAB Conference. EditShare CSO Andy Liebman and CTO Stephen Tallamy will present “The On Ramp to Video Production in the Cloud – How Openness, AI and Security Will Facilitate Better Storytelling Workflows” on Wednesday, April 22nd at 2:20pm PDT in Room N258 at the LVCC.

Advanced APIs: The Power of Openness

EditShare’s extensible platforms feature advanced APIs, supporting the integration of a wide range of industry solutions and an even wider range of customizable workflows. Theater presentations in cooperation with several industry partners will highlight the use of EditShare’s powerful and publicly available APIs to manage thousands of users and enable mass collaboration while maintaining fine-grain control over media and projects.

Security Best Practices: Keeping Content Safe and Creativity Flowing

EFS auditing puts a digital fingerprint on every file, from inception through to delivery. Unlike other auditing approaches, EFS auditing is designed for media intensive productions and does not impact the real-time operations or creative workflow. It meets the highest standards set out by widely recognized security guidelines from the media and entertainment space. Auditing delivers peace of mind to facilities dealing with highly valuable and sensitive content. Attendees can learn more about these and other important security capabilities during EditShare theater presentations.

​Moving Media Professionals Ahead with EditShare Certification

EditShare Academy encompasses all stakeholders and constituencies from engineering and support to marketing, sales and administrators to the team that ships EditShare products and the creative and talented customers who use them. EditShare will have members of its customer success team on hand to discuss how EditShare Academy empowers our employees, partners, and customers with comprehensive knowledge enabling success at every step and at every skill level.