Eluvio to Tout Benefits of New Content Fabric Offering During May 20 Webinar

All the benefits of content distribution, but without the cloud or a content delivery network (CDN). The ability to reliably move assets globally for live, VOD, and linear channels, direct-to-consumer and to business partners, but without any cloud stacks, transcoding services or databases associated.

It’s not fiction … it’s the Content Fabric, Eluvio’s new, global software network for premium video, from source asset to consumer. The founders of the Berkeley, Calif.-based software company, Michelle Munson and Serban Simu, will share all the details — and success stories — around the young offering May 20 during the free webinar “The Eluvio Content Fabric: A Live Webcast for Content Providers.”

“It’s a substrate for premium video that works very differently than supply chain solutions of the past, in that it allows for source video to reach the consumer — which can be the end consumer or a business partner — without a lot of the complexity and cost involved before,” said Munson, who with Simu founded Aspera in 2004, where Munson served as CEO until 2017.

A single, backend source for master asset servicing (media, metadata and code), the Content Fabric allows for streaming and file-based video presentation to delivered globally, from source objects to consumer, with ultra- low latency, no file copies involved. And an embedded blockchain ledger, enables personalization, rights control, monetization, and re-use of media and metadata, across all properties.

Already, content owners have made great use of the offering.

Just ask Jim Crosby, SVP of digital at MGM Studios: “The deployment of the Eluvio Content Fabric started as an experiment to test this promising new technology, and it has exceeded expectations,” he said. “It has delivered ultra-fast video loading, high quality playback, and a cost-efficient solution eliminating separate aggregation, transcoding and CDN services — and with its blockchain, provides us the ability to transact business directly on the content. We look forward to more to come with Eluvio.”

Two, two-hour, live webinars — one at 8 a.m. PT, the second at 3 p.m. PT — will highlight every corner of the Content Fabric, including its technology, capabilities, and use-cases, with demonstrations on how to use it as one simple, high-performance, low-cost backend for distribution; how to monetize large video libraries or streaming sources instantly across multiple OTT properties (with no republishing or redistribution); how to reuse source media and metadata to build and distribute program versions without file copies; how to service assets in a verifiable source of truth, linking media, metadata and code; and more.

Munson and Simu will be joined by their team of Eluvio innovators to show how to onboard the content of organizations, and answer questions. To register, click here.