Premiere Digital Deploys Solution for EIDR 2.5, Confirms 100% Compatibility

Los Angeles-based Premiere Digital, the media services, distribution and technology solutions company behind a number of large media customers and SaaS products (i.e., STOREFRONT), confirmed today that EIDR 2.5, the latest stack improvement for the Entertainment Identifier Registry, has deployed and completed reliability testing with 100% compatibility across the current installed base.

The company migrated the existing code base for the registry to a new server environment, built, integrated and is now maintaining the new de-duplication system for the EIDR registry.

EIDR 2.5 represent a significant technological step forward for EIDR, delivering both de-duplication service improvements and increased efficiencies. EIDR members have experienced a smooth transition to the new platform, the first step in a planned series of upgrades that will make EIDR what it needs to be for the next 10 years.

When EIDR put the RFP into the market, Premiere Digital knew they were the right fit for this initiative as they’ve been writing and maintaining internally and externally facing software for nine years.

Their software products range from consumer facing applications, internal automation, order and asset management, avails management, and data products. Their system handles 6,000,000-plus daily provider records and 35,000,000-plus daily retailer records. Digital retailers, studios, indies, and networks use their products and systems every day to distribute content, track financials, process avails, and drive business decisions.

For the de-duplication on avails management and delivery, and consolidated retailer analytics, they were already reporting over six years of data with the first deployment of the SaaS based STOREFRONT product with an advanced automated de-duplication engine backed by an experienced multi-tiered team of over 20 manual match technicians.

“The features of our existing SaaS product STOREFRONT were a sure-fit for the EIDR 2.5 project and we were incredibly happy the EIDR team could see the same fit and that the reliability testing went so well,” said CCO Steve Rosenberg. “On the heels of a recent announcement about our expanded Product team this is a nice win for us.”

“Premiere Digital is a recognized leader in delivering automation and metadata solutions, said Kip Welch, Executive Director of EIDR. “They have delivered a solid new platform that represents a key step in modernizing EIDR, and we expect to realize ongoing efficiency benefits as Premiere evolves and continuously improves its core technology.”