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MESA Member Webinar Week Ahead: June 22-26

A deep dive into better ways to keep your production spending under control by Invenio, a look at how AI can be a huge benefit to help subtitling and translations from Digital Nirvana, and Adobe will share how live events can emerge from the pandemic better than before.

Those are just a few of the online events members of the Media & Entertainment Services Alliance (MESA) will be holding the week of June 22-26, according to MESA’s global member e-calendar.

Here’s a look at what’s ahead:


• On June 23, open-source software specialist Invenio will offer solutions around how those in the production space can more quickly and accurately greenlight their decisions in order to maximize returns on investments, in the webinar “How to Increase Spend Control and Reduce Inefficiency in Your Production Process.”

• SAP will host the webinar “UI5 Real Time Dashboard.”

• Sony’s “Technology Tuesdays” series of webinars will continue with “CLED: Overview & Applications.”

• MicroStrategy continues its “Virtual Symposium Series” with the discussion “Defense Supply Chain Management: Ensuring the Availability of Mission-Critical Supplies for Steady State and Contingency Operations.”

• Caringo hosts its webinar “Cloud Seeding with Object Storage Containers.”

• SecureTheVillage will host an afternoon happy hour discussion “A CIO and a Cyber-Insurance Broker Walk Into a Bar …”


• On June 24, media and entertainment tech firm Digital Nirvana will offer insights into how adding artificial intelligence (AI) in your operations creates efficiencies in both the time and delivery of STT for content companies, in the webinar “Leveraging AI for Speed and Efficiency in M&E STT.”

• Darktrace will hold the “Virtual Seminar: Defending the Dynamic Workforce and Stepping Up SaaS Security.”

• Join EditShare during a trio of webinars tackling “Cloud Editing – Better, Faster, and Cheaper.”

• Birlasoft will host the webinar “How to Leverage Oracle Cloud Infrastructure to Accelerate Enterprise Applications.”


• On June 25, the team at Adobe will share ideas on how those who move first to re-enter the live arena will be able to capitalize on a global marketplace in which fans have been starved of live-action and emotional involvement for months on end, in the webinar “Changing the Game: How M&E Has Adapted During the Global Pandemic.”

• SecureTheVillage host the Town Hall Webinar “Up On Cyber 2020.”

• Akamai will host the discussion “Managing and Protecting Your Critical JavaScripts.”

• The latest in MicroStrategy’s “Virtual Symposium Series” will tackle “Achieve Trusted Self Service Visualizations with MicroStrategy Dossier.”

• Diamond will host the webinar “Building Scalable Experiences in AR/VR.”