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Caringo Talks Cloud vs. On-Prem Archive Storage at 2 July Global M&E Day

While the cloud has absolutely become crucial to any remote workflow strategy in media and entertainment, should you also be using it for your high-capacity content-archiving storage needs?

That’s the question object-based storage specialists will offer answers to during a presentation at the 2 July Global Media & Entertainment Day event being presented live, virtually, from London.

The presentation — “Point Break: When to Archive Content in the Cloud or on Premises” — will see Paul Phillips, Caringo’s EMEA sales and operations leader, provide attendees ideas around the biggest differences between cloud storage and on-premises object storage, how you can determine which storage solution is right for your content archive needs, and the benefits of on-premises object storage and hybrid storage solutions.

“As organisations start to adjust to the new norm of remote workflows, most will look to the cloud for enablement. When you look at editing, transcoding, and other processor intensive workloads, the cloud provides benefits that are hard to replicate,” said Adrian J Herrera, VP of marketing for Caringo. “But, when you look at storing, archiving and accessing content, the benefits of the cloud can be achieved and even exceeded while still keeping assets on-prem. We will discuss how in our presentation.”

Today, archives must be instantly accessible over the web, but what’s the most reliable and safe way to provide that availability? Is the cloud your most affordable option?

“We hope to continue to educate ourselves on the storage challenges experienced by content creators,” Herrera said. “Everything is so fluid these days and we appreciate the opportunity M&E Day provides to participate, listen and ultimately work towards solutions.”

Now in its fourth straight year, the Media & Entertainment Services Alliance’s (MESA) popular New York City-based M&E Day event is coming to London as a fully virtual experience, beginning at 12:30 British Summer Time. Following the main stage programme, the afternoon sessions and breakouts will feature data, cloud, IT and security experts, across the media and entertainment technology ecosystem, weighing in on and demonstrating the latest solutions on hand for — and the challenges facing — the industry in today’s global remote-work business environment.

The online event will allow for interactions between attendees, live Q&A, access to videos of the presentations and more. “We encourage the EU media and entertainment community to come together for this event,” said MESA president Guy Finley. “This unique event software platform  will be used by MESA going forward, so it’s important for our constituency to get familiar with the features and user journey for an optimal networking, learning and engagement experience.”

The event will be presented by Caringo, with sponsorship by Convergent Risks, Cyberhaven, Richey May Technology Solutions, RSG Media, Signiant, Whip Media Group, Zendesk, Tape Ark, Sony New Media Solutions, 5th Kind, ATMECS, Eluvio, Tamr, the Audio Business Continuity Alliance (ABCA), the Entertainment Identifier Registry (EIDR), and The Trusted Partner Network (TPN).

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