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Motivational Speaker Shares Networking Insights During WiTH Webinar

Motivational speaker, author and success coach Pat Roque opened a Sept. 11 presentation — hosted by Women in Technology Hollywood (WiTH) with a question that didn’t have an easy answer.

“What do we all have in common with jailbirds, hermits, astronauts and Antarctic explorers?” she asked to kick off webinar “Rock Your (Re)Connections with Virtual Coffee.” “We’re all going a little crazy, and we’re all a little socially awkward.

“We’ve all been inside for six months, and we’ve atrophied our relationship-building muscles,” she said, borrowing a quote from a New York Times article. “If you’ve been feeling a little bit weird, odd, clumsy, tongue-tied … even the most fluent, extroverted people, never mind the introverts, this feeling of social clumsiness is a pandemic on its own.

“Out of sight should never make you feel out of your mind.”

Roque — who has spent decades working as a virtual team strategist and personal transformation coach, with major media appearances on “Good Morning America,” New York Post, ABC, and more — used her presentation to walk attendees through ways to get out their social ruts, with an emphasis on leaning on your established connections as a way to find peace of mind … and even help elevate your career.

The online event marked the launch of WiTH’s Connection Corner, a series of discussions for women in the industry to exchange ideas and learn new skills. Featuring both podcasts and webinars, the series will tackle topics ranging from remote work to better networking tips.

To view the full webinar, click here.