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2020 Edition of MESA’s Winter M&E Journal Goes Live

The winter edition of the “M&E Journal,” published by MESA and geared toward senior media and entertainment executives who oversee their companies’ digital futures, is now available online.

The 152-page publication features insights from nearly three dozen MESA members, from Akamai to ZOO Digital, with the issue’s main focus centered on how the industry responds long term to the challenges presented by the pandemic.

Along with the cover section — “What’s Next?” — the issue offers industry insights for several crucial industry areas, including “Localization,” “New Workflows,” “Smart Content” and “Security.”

Additionally, the “M&E Journal” also features columns from Vubiquity and MESA’s executive leadership.

Here’s a quick look at what’s included in the main section:

• “The Reality of Resilience in M&E” by Brajesh Jha at Genpact, looking at how leading companies are unifying experiences, digitizing operations with augmented intelligence, and mitigating risk as businesses serving the M&E industry attempt to build resilience or even antifragility.

• “Going Beyond In-Person or Digital Experiences: Make Your IP Thrive in a Blended World,” where Katrina Williams at KlarisIP writes about how digital platforms have moved to the forefront, and new ways for audiences to engage are forming. As companies monitor these shifts, they have more opportunities for how they maximize the value of their IP.

• “Pivoting to a New Consumer Approach” by Jason Gish at Testronic, looking at how changes to our daily routines are both challenges and opportunities, especially as consumers look to entertainment for an escape from the day’s news.

• “The Good, the Bad, and Ugly: COVID-19’s Impact on M&E” by Louise Tapia at Take 1, describing how the post-COVID production industry is both more agile and more cautious. Take 1 offers a perspective of how important it is to be nimble while operating efficiently and building a buffer against future uncertainty.

• “The ‘New Normal’ Isn’t All That New” by Dan Gould at Digit Content Services. The team at Digit Content Services had adapted to a digital workflow long before the “new normal.” Here the company examines the real impact of COVID-19 and if the pandemic simply magnified inevitable changes.

Beginning Monday, Jan. 25, look for stories from the winter edition of the “M&E Journal” every week in the “M&E Daily” newsletter.