Technicolor Teams With RealVNC on Remote Support for Android TV Customers

Technicolor Connected Home and software company RealVNC entered into a joint initiative to enhance the ability of network service providers (NSPs) to improve remote customer care for the surge in Android TV devices that are being deployed globally, the companies said Dec. 15.

RealVNC is teaming up with Technicolor Connected Home “under the auspices of the HERO Partner Program” that was started by Technicolor in October 2018, according to Girish Naganathan, CTO for Technicolor Connected Home. 

RealVNC’s Connect TV remote solution allows NSP customer service representatives (CSRs) and installation engineers to remotely view and control Android TV customer premises equipment (CPE) at home or work, securely and in real-time.

Connect TV greatly enhances call-handling efficiencies and “elevates customer satisfaction by enabling comprehensive remote support of Android TV devices,” the companies said in announcing their pact.

Technicolor Connected Home has shipped more Android TV set-top box (STB) devices than any other CPE manufacturer for the NSP market, according to Technicolor and RealVNC.

The deal with RealVNC represents the latest development in Technicolor Connected Home’s “ongoing commitment to leverage open and innovative technologies” for NSPs globally, with “the ultimate goal to help them deliver seamless connectivity and premium entertainment experiences to consumers,” the companies said in the announcement.

That mission is “achieved by creating best-in-class CPE and partnering with the most innovative companies in the connected home ecosystem,” according to Technicolor and RealVNC.

“The ability to have a complete picture of what customers are seeing, along with real-time access to diagnostic data” about CPE that is “deployed by NSPs into subscribers’ homes streamlines the troubleshooting process,” according to Naganathan.

“It is far superior to the often frustrating process of having customer service representatives speak to customers on the telephone to resolve issues that are difficult to describe,” he said in the announcement, explaining: “This will be important for NSPs that are deploying new feature-rich Android TV CPE, with its advanced UI and multiple applications. CSRs will be in a much better position to educate customers and resolve technical issues with Connect TV. It will reduce truck rolls and device returns while improving customer satisfaction.”

RealVNC’s participation in Technicolor Connected Home’s HERO Partner Program “enriches the CPE portfolio and introduces an important new value proposition for NSPs by enabling the easily deployed support of millions of devices and customers across all continents and network connection types,” the companies said.

In addition to RealVNC, current members of Technicolor’s HERO Partner Program are: Airties, Broadpeak, CUJO AI, Hoppr and Plume.

RealVNC will benefit from Technicolor Connected Home’s leadership position in the Android TV CPE market and its broad set of trusted relationships with NSPs globally, RealVNC and Technicolor noted.

“COVID-19 has given NSPs new reasons to support subscribers remotely,” according to Adam Greenwood-Byrne, CEO at RealVNC.

“Installation engineers can provide touchless service by no longer entering customer premises, yet still offer comprehensive help by using Connect TV,” he said in a statement, adding: “By partnering with Technicolor, we can accelerate our time to market and reduce the integration time to reach new customers.”