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BeBanjo to Talk Optimizing Non-Linear Process at March 16 SCS

The ability for broadcasters and OTT operators alike to streamline their operations, drive efficiencies, and exploit their catalog as much as possible has become paramount in today’s highly competitive content landscape.

At the March 16 Smart Content Summit event, Dan Meyer, sales manager for on-demand content specialists BeBanjo, will share how all of that can be accomplished by optimizing your non-linear planning process, giving you a long-term strategic advantage in moving your content around.

“I hope that from the session the attendees will take away a greater understanding of the challenges and opportunities that arise from long range content planning,” Meyer said. “I also hope that listeners will learn how they too could plan their content efficiently and effectively to not only have streamlined operations, but also provide the best experience to their viewers.”

His session will show how BeBanjo is working with customers to make their long-term planning activities less of a headache, and how the company is enabling collaboration across multiple teams, and streamlining an iterative planning process.

The Smart Content Summit is produced by MESA and the Smart Content Council, and is sponsored by Microsoft Azure, Whip Media Group, Richey May Technology Solutions, BeBanjo, Digital Nirvana, Softtek, 24Notion, EIDR and Signiant.

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