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24Notion CEO Talks Crisis Management at March 16 SCS

At the March 16 Smart Content Summit event, Ivo Lukas, CEO of 24Notion, will offer up insights into how to make progress during times of massive disruption.

Her presentation — “Moving Forward Even in a Crisis: The 5 Rs of Handling Disruption and Surprises with Style” — will share how the massive disruption to business, travel, entertainment and community life everyone has lived through this past year can serve as a catalyst for improvement.

“If you’ve been hoping to wait out the pandemic, it’s not too late to shift gears with the 5 Rs of surviving and thriving in a crisis,” she said. “We’ll explore real examples of resilience, responsiveness, redefining the way we work, the results, and repeating as needed. Some strategic planning can help all kinds of organizations adapt to the reality of this remarkable journey, and prepare for the return of normality — and the next disruptions.”

The Smart Content Summit is produced by MESA and the Smart Content Council, and is sponsored by Microsoft Azure, Whip Media Group, Richey May Technology Solutions, BeBanjo, Digital Nirvana, Softtek, 24Notion, EIDR and Signiant.

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