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Premiere Digital to Tackle Deduplication at EIDR Annual Participant Meeting

Robert Grayson, EIDR support manager with Premiere Digital, will take the stage twice April 13 for the EIDR Annual Participant Meeting, sharing updates on both registry improvements and the deduplication process.

First up is the presentation “Under the Hood: Registry Improvements and Roadmap,” where Grayson will be joined by Richard Kroon, technical operations director for EIDR, as they review EIDR’s continuous improvement programs, launched last year to increase EIDR’s value throughout the M&E supply chain.

The initiatives focuse on systems, process and metadata, and measurable improvements have already been delivered.

Next, Grayson will update attendees in a breakout session on how Premiere Digital is supporting EIDR’s deduplication efforts, with him detailing how his company utilizes the universal identifier, and running through a typical day from the perspective of an EIDR member seeking to register an asset into the EIDR Registry. Grayson will explain the process from the perspective of a support agent, and offer a brief look behind the scenes of the manual deduplication review process.

For 2021 edition of the EIDR Annual Participant Meeting, the theme will revolve around adoption of EIDR across enterprises and streaming platforms, with discussions centered on ubiquitous coverage, new adoption paths, and user engagement. Studios, streaming giants, EIDR’s board and more will be on hand to celebrate what EIDR’s accomplished to date, and what’s on the horizon.

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