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Cognizant Paper Examines ‘The Work Ahead in M&E’ Post-Pandemic

A new white paper from professional services firm Cognizant examines how the media and entertainment industry’s digital world was upended by the pandemic, and that moving forward those who are bold in their investments will come out on top.

The paper — “The Work Ahead in M&E: Scaling a Three-Dimensional Chessboard” — surveys 4,000 senior executives — 285 in M&E — to gauge how work and jobs will evolve in today’s digitally dominant, pandemic-disrupted world.

“We found that even as dominant disrupters pull further and further ahead in outperformance, laggard companies are still competing with yesterday’s industry conventions (and rationalizing to themselves that 3D chess is an imaginary game or that they’d rather play ‘Hungry Hungry Hippos,’” the report reads.” Being a laggard is dispiriting, aptly expressed by the character Jolene in the breakout pandemic hit ‘The Queen’s Gambit’: ‘You’ve been the best at what you do for so long, you don’t even know what it’s like for the rest of us.’”

For M&E specifically, the report found five key lessons learned and tales of caution:

• Too many M&E companies badly lag in digital content efforts.
• AI and data is powering the future of M&E.
• The industry demands more when it comes to digital revenues.
• The force multiplier of smart technology is smart decisions.
• Hyper-connectivity means more digital regulation.

“Rather than passively seeking to be entertained, consumers will look for — and, soon enough, demand — mind-blowing moments catalyzed by digital tools, opening the door for creativity, self-actualization and immersive experiences,” the report reads.

To access the full report and its data, click here.