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MEGOGO Selects ContentArmor to Strengthen Protection Against Online Piracy of Its PVOD Service

MEGOGO, the largest media service in Eastern Europe for streaming videos, audio and TV channels online and ContentArmor, a leading forensic watermarking vendor, announced that they deploy together forensic watermarking to fight against premium content video piracy of MEGOGO’s media service.

Forensic watermarking consists in adding invisible marks within the video and allows service providers to identify the source of unauthorized content distribution. Forensic watermarking is a content protection technology required by leading studios for Premium VOD and UHD/4K titles as described by MovieLabs in its Enhanced Content Protection specification.

MEGOGO has integrated ContentArmor’s bitstream technology in its private video infrastructure that enables tracing back illicit leaks down to the user account without any modification of the applications and devices used by subscribers to access the service.

«We work every day to make MEGOGO even more convenient and user-friendly. In addition to continuously improving functionality, we are increasing the content supply. For us, as a legitimate service, protecting content from pirates has always been a priority. By expanding the tools for 4K content protection, we will not only improve the work of the legal market but will also be able to offer our users even more exclusive content», – says Ivan Shestakov, Chief Innovation Officer at MEGOGO.

«Over the last months, Premium VOD titles have achieved record audiences over OTT streaming services. Nevertheless, pirate video services did not stay at bay either” says Eric Bénetière, Chief Commercial Officer at ContentArmor. “We are delighted to collaborate with MEGOGO and their content partners to further secure their investment in premium video titles”.