Iyuno Launches New Website, Updates COVID Response

It’s been more than six months since the coronavirus began altering the entertainment industry, like many others, on a global scale. In that time, we’ve focused on guaranteeing... More

ContentArmor, castLabs, CineSend Deliver DRM-Protected Content With Forensic Watermarking at Over 100 Virtual Film Festivals Worldwide

castLabs, ContentArmor and CineSend have worked together to provide a brand-forward virtual film festival platform that is now being used by over 100 festivals worldwide. As movie ... More

‘We Own The Night TV’ Looks to Red Bee’s Platform

Live Dutch DJ streaming service We Own The Night TV is now offering a VOD and PPV option, thanks to Red Bee Media and its OTT platform. (more…)... More

Whip Media: Unprecedented Changes are Requiring M&E Companies to Change Their Strategies

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MESA Rebrands to Enable Increased Collaboration for Its Communities

MESA, an alliance of technology executives, production companies and content creators who are driving the future of the media and entertainment industry, announced today that it ha... More

AppTek Partners With PBT EU to Integrate Into SubtitleNEXT

AppTek announced a new partnership with systems integrator and manufacturer PBT EU. Under this new alliance, AppTek will integrate its award-winning NMT, ASR and Intelligent Line S... More

STEGA CEO to Discuss Creating ‘A Culture of Cybersecurity’ at Oct. 20 M&E Day

Today, it isn’t enough just to ensure a strong cybersecurity footing across your workplace. To truly keep your company — and your media and entertainment assets — safe, you n... More

People Renewing the Big Screen Experience … Slowly

Give us a hint please! What are all the market analysts and experts measuring when they track Warner’s Tenet in theatres and Disney’s Mulan streamed in the U.S. and in select o... More

IBM Brings Risk Analytics to Security Decision Making

IBM Security announced a new risk-based service designed to help organisations apply the same analytics used for traditional business decisions to cybersecurity spending priorities... More

TransPerfect, Translation Community Achieve Victory in Fight to Save Thousands of Translators From California’s AB5 Legislation

TransPerfect announced a significant legislative victory for freelance language professionals as a result of a broad advocacy and lobbying effort to protect the jobs and rights of ... More

ShortlyFestival Launches With Red Bee’s OTT Platform

The newly launched service is built on Red Bee Media’s managed OTT platform and will offer different pay-per-view options to access the content. (more…)... More

Titles-On: Remote Localization as a Way of Life

London-based Titles-On started out as a developer of new solutions for distributing and repurposing existing subtitle assets, and has quickly grown into one of the more respected E... More