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Whip Media’s Hastings to Keynote Content Workflow Management Forum

Paul Hastings, SVP of global sales for Whip Media, will deliver the opening keynote of the March 22 Content Workflow Management Forum event in London, being held as a hybrid in-person and worldwide virtual event.

In his keynote — “The Global Binge Boom – By the Numbers” — Hasting will share how binge-watching is a major factor in the adoption of streaming services, and thus, a major source of business for localisation players.

But the availability at our fingertips of almost every library and new release title may play an even more important role in content release strategies, customer acquisition and subscriber retention.

Hastings will share the results of the world’s biggest binge-watching survey ever conducted, with answers from over 32,000 respondents, and share the data Whip Media has parsed from it.

“In the world’s biggest binge-watching survey ever conducted, with answers from over 32,000 respondents across seven countries, we have the data on ‘everything binge’ and I am excited to be presenting it for the first time here at CWMF,” Hastings said. “As an example, 81 percent of our panel said that the availability of bingeable content was an important factor when thinking about subscribing to OTT services with 31 percent saying they have churned from a platform because of a lack of bingeable content.”

Whip Media has the data on “everything binge” and will answer several questions about the trend: How do they define a binge session? What genres do they binge? Who are you bingeing with? Did lockdown have an effect?

With answers directly from a panel of over 20 million global users who actively use Whip Media’s TV Time app, important implications from the data become clear as the future of content development in a world of streaming continues to evolve.

Content Workflow Management Forum is produced by MESA, the Content Delivery & Security Association (CDSA), the Hollywood IT Society (HITS) and Women in Technology Hollywood (WiTH), under the direction of the CDSA board of directors and its content advisors. The event is sponsored by Signiant, Whip Media, LinQ Media Group, OOONA, ZOO Digital, and EIDR.

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