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May 12 ‘Lunch and Learn’ Event Brings Cyberattack Perspective

The May 12 weekly “Lunch and Learn event will feature Richard Atkinson, president of the Content Delivery & Security Association (CDSA), as he discusses “Cyber Attack — A Perspective.”

Atkinson will provide a perspective on cyberattacks for everyone, and not just the security specialists, with part of the presentation done with the Secret Service, characterizing six months of activity from a wide range of perpetrators against a wide range of targets Atkinson aims to have attendees come away with new ideas on how to think about Cyber Attack Risk Management.

Atkinson ‘s experience includes leading profound incremental business growth for Disney ($1 billion a year) and Adobe ($1.6 billion total addressable market) through innovative strategies and bold leadership. He is broadly recognized across many leaders and companies in media and entertainment for an engaging and inclusive leadership style and understanding the critical intersection of technology, business, and customer/human engagement.

The “Lunch and Learn” event “Cyber Attack — A Perspective” will begin at noon PT. To register, click here.

MESA’s “Lunch and Learn” is held every Thursday via the MESAverse platform and Zoom, and intended to bring MESA members together to network, share and learn. The MESAverse is MESA’s virtual work environment for its members and communities to watch live presentations, network, and step on the stage to share opinions.

MESAverse is using ICVR’s RendezVu, a proprietary, interactive 3D-world application that will allow for hybrid live and virtual events and regular day-to-day interactions that go far beyond video conferencing.

To register for the Thursday events, click here.