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HITS Spring: Keynotes Set on New Creative Strategies, Creative Leadership

Attendees at the May 19 Hollywood Innovation and Transformation Summit (HITS), held at the Universal Hilton in Los Angeles, and online via MESA’s virtual platform, the MESAverse, should be prepared to get creative, with the opening and closing keynotes of the day centring around future design thinking and being a creative leader, respectively.

Kicking off the day is Jeff Julian, creative-futurist, designer, and founder of boutique consultancy Lab5 Systems, with the opening keynote “Design at the Speed of Innovation,” a discussion around future design thinking and an update on the exponential acceleration of a “t-shaped world” in a future dominated by artificial intelligence.

Julian is at the forefront of the next generation of design thinking and is no stranger to the HITS community, having worked with many of Hollywood’s ‘A-list’ directors, including Steven Spielberg, Ridley Scott, David Fincher, and more, along with top brands ranging from Apple to RED Digital Cinema, Samsung to BMW.

He’s worked on a diverse portfolio of projects ranging from entertainment, to medical, to tech, to sustainability, and this broad experience drives the core strategic ideas he uses when working with global leaders, international researchers, innovators, and educational institutions.

Nurturing creativity to overcome global problems to effect change in a real way, Julian addresses a wide range of topics from current water shortage crisis to the revolution of our educational systems through implementing already existing tech. He opens this year’s HITS Spring by revisiting how creative strategies can impact organisational breakdowns and provide insights to overcome communication barriers and cross-platform integration.

Then for the closing keynote of the event — “Make Space to Lead” — Tutti Taygerly, leadership coach, author, and founder of consultancy firm Taygerly Labs, will share ideas with attendees on how they can establish structure for themselves, and their teams, to amplify creative flow, and avoid “firefighter mode,” moving from flare-up to flare-up, and continually context-switching between each urgent and evolving priority.

Instead of drowning in the quicksand of changing customer or leadership needs, Taygerly brings her personal experience as a design leader and her work as a coach to leaders in tech to share a leadership model that takes a systemic approach to leading, one that changes limiting patterns and focuses on flow states.

Make space to lead across these four different facets of your leadership (personal, projects and processes, people, and the organisation as a whole), and shift your mindset toward spaciousness and build in permission to slow down in order to speed up. Attendees will learn how to track their energy and time against impact, as well as allow focus on both relationships and releases.

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The Hollywood Innovation and Transformation Summit event is produced by MESA in association with the Hollywood IT Society (HITS) and sponsored by Genpact, MicroStrategy, Whip Media, Convergent Risks, ICVR, Perforce, Richey May Technology Solutions, Signiant, Softtek, Bluescape, Databricks, FPT Software, KeyCode Media, Metal Toad, Shift, Zendesk, EIDR, Fortinet, Arch Platform Technologies and Amazon Studios.

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