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Global M+E Day: Box Shield Stops Problems Before They Start

At the 8th June Global Media & Entertainment Day, held at the Royal Garden Hotel in London and via the MESAverse virtual platform, Areg Alimian, senior director of product management, security for Box, asked a question that’s been on the minds of many a company of late: in today’s hybrid work environment, how do we secure the “office” without negatively impacting productivity?

“To do that, we’ve built the world’s most powerful content cloud, with built-in zero trust security,” he said during the presentation “Security Made Easy with Box Shield.” “From the second you ingest your content you can classify it to know where your sensitive data really is, and who has access to it.”

Box Shield allows users to automatically classify sensitive data, by helping to identify regulated data and proprietary information when content is uploaded, shared, previewed, edited, and downloaded. Users can prevent leaks without sacrificing productivity, by placing controls close to content and keeping data secure while letting people continue their mission-critical work.

Protection against advanced malware attacks includes native multi-layered threat-detection capabilities, to help reduce content-centric risks, thanks to deep, learning-based malware detection, that allows Box Shield users to discover and contain malware before it becomes a data breach.

Extensive analytics and integrations with more than 1,500 apps have combined to make Box Shield a reliable tool for the reduction of accidental data leakage and the protection against malicious — and unknown — threats, Alimian said.

“There’s accidental leakage, where people share public links, accidental collaboration invites, or [the] use of managed and unmanaged devices throughout the organisation, or working with contractors,” he added. Then there’s intentional threats, the malware and ransomware attacks, data exfiltration, and compromised accounts.

Box Shield is built to address both scenarios, Alimian said.

The Global Media & Entertainment Day was produced by MESA, in association with the Hollywood IT Society (HITS) and the Smart Content Council and was presented by Box with sponsorship by Signiant, Convergent Risks, Whip Media, and Xcapism Learning.