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MESA Member Webinar Week Ahead: Sept. 12-16

Fortinet hosts its Championship Security Summit Symposium, Adobe offers a free, live, two-day Experience Makers event, and PacketFabric will offer up the ins and outs of Network-as-a-Service.

Those are just a couple of the events from the MESA community the week of Sept. 12-16, according to MESA’s global member e-calendar.

Here’s a look at what’s ahead:


• Adobe’s two-day “Experience Makers” event kicks off, with the free event for experience makers featuring keynotes by Sara Blakely, Peyton Manning, and Eli Manning. The event promises to help attendees develop the skills needed to deliver truly personalised experiences at scale; discover how to use data from any channel on every channel in real time; learn how to anticipate your customers’ next move; and learn how to connect, collaborate, and execute on complex workflows from anywhere.

• PacketFabric’s “Fulfilling the Cloud Disaster Recovery Promise with NaaS” will feature Kezia Lawson-Shanks, content marketing manger, and Dave McLean, director of sales engineering, as they discuss what Network-as-a-Service is and how it changes the game for backbone connectivity; identifying backup and disaster recovery use cases that are best supported by cloud-based networking; and the case for cloud-based routing, storage, and connectivity at scale.

• This year’s “Fortinet Championship Security Summit Symposium” will take place on Tuesday Sept. 13 through Friday, Sept. 16 and includes a full-day symposium of keynotes, panels and roundtable discussions with leading experts with an agenda built to offer innovative ideas and best practices that will help drive digital transformation forward.

Topics that will be facilitated at the Security Summit Symposium include, but are not limited to, managing cyber risk, securing critical infrastructure, how security is critical to innovation, securing cloud migration and connectivity, zero trust, and closing the cyber skills gap.

The Fortinet Leadership Executive Panel will also return for the 2022 Security Summit Symposium, offering attendees the opportunity to hear from industry luminaries and leaders that includes Ken Xie, founder, chairman of the board, and CEO, Michael Xie, founder, president, and CTO, and Keith Jensen, CFO, about the future of cybersecurity and Fortinet’s role in driving that future.