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BB Media Pegs Global FIFA Consumption by Region

During a recent online event, Luciano Zarlenga, chief analytics officer for media and entertainment data tracking firm BB Media, gave a presentation about content offering of streaming platforms with a focus on users’ viewing habits and preferences at a regional and global level.

The data was gathered through BB Media’s Online Media Essentials service, which covers 29 countries through the monitoring of online panels. In addition, the analysed regions were the United States and Canada (UCAN); Europe, Middle East, and Africa (EMEA); Asia Pacific (APAC); and Latin America (LATAM).

To make an in-depth analysis, users were asked about their habits when watching the FIFA World Cup. Most of the surveyed households said they would watch most of matches (45.11 percent), while others would only follow their country (31.63 percent) and the rest showed no interest in seeing it at all (15.47 percent).

In UCAN 86 percent of households watch content through OTTs, in EMEA a 76 percent and in APAC an 85 percent, while in LATAM the penetration is that of 47 percent over the total of households because of the penetration of internet service. However, of the households that can access and view online content, most take advantage of it and do it. And when asked why they watch online content, users referred to the possibility to watch it anytime, anywhere. In turn, in these regions between 5 and 8 platforms are used per household, in addition to people watching between three to five movies per month (the equivalent to one per weekend).

Other topics such as the preferred genres by users and preferences between SVOD and AVOD models were also discussed. In short, there is a lot of content and people choose to see it. The good thing about watching this type of content is to do it when and how you want, and from whatever device you prefer.

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