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Wasabi Explores Its New Surveillance Cloud

Wasabi explored its recently introduced Surveillance Cloud and the challenges it helps solve during the Feb. 16 webinar “What if my VMS was Cloud-Aware? Introducing Wasabi Surveillance Cloud.”

With Wasabi Surveillance Cloud, the cloud service provider says it’s offering  an industry specific storage product for video surveillance deployments.

Nearly every video management system (VMS) on the market doesn’t have the ability to directly connect to cloud storage, Wasabi points out.

Its new solution, Wasabi Surveillance Cloud, on the other hand, is a bundled offering that includes a cloud bridge software application that automatically connects the VMS to a Wasabi cloud object storage subscription.

The new solution instantly provides a company’s on-premises video management system with the unlimited scalability, security and disaster recovery features of Wasabi Hot Cloud Storage.

Therefore, with Wasabi Surveillance Cloud, once-siloed VMS technology immediately becomes cloud-aware without any changes to existing operations, according to the company.

Wasabi predicts the video surveillance industry will be relying on cloud storage in the not-so-distant future and it sees Wasabi Surveillance Cloud was the way to get there, providing customers with the easiest way to transition to the cloud while preserving their existing investments and offering the best, most predictable solution to support the exponential growth of their video data.

Introducing Jaslyn Scribner, Wasabi’s Global Technology Alliance manager, during the start of the webinar, Danny Collins, the company’s product marketing manager, said: “It’s super special to have her on today cause because she’s seen firsthand what’s going on in the video surveillance space, the trends and the shifts in the movement to cloud.”

“So I get to really pick her brain today on some of the challenges that our customers are seeing in the market, specifically with storage for video surveillance and then how Wasabi is combating those challenges,” he said.

He asked Scribner to “walk us through what you’ve been seeing in the space and why customers and why folks are starting to kind of transition more to the cloud and why cloud storage is starting to pick up.”

Scribner first highlighted some of the customer “pain points” that she said “really guided the decision to launch a product like Wasabi Surveillance Cloud” (WSC).

“Traditionally, customers have been very comfortable keeping their data entirely on prem but you’re no stranger to the fact – nobody on this [webinar] – is no stranger to the fact that the increased number of high resolution cameras are generating more data and that demands larger storage requirements,” she explained.

“All the growing retention periods and keeping that data for longer – all of this is really driving greater demand for larger storage capacities and server harbor limitations, just in terms of lifespan and overall maintenance, are really prohibiting customers from scaling their storage solution as their data requirements grow,” she said.

“So that’s really where our hybrid solution can alleviate these pain points,” she pointed out.

She added: “This hybrid architecture that we’re offering really allows the customer to leverage best-of-breed technologies with no vendor lock-in. So it’s really minimizing their on-prem footprint, increasing their storage capacity with the technologies that they’re choosing, their preferred camera manufacturer, their preferred VMS, and their preferred cloud storage provider, which hopefully is Wasabi.”

Meanwhile, a hybrid architecture will “really diminish the headache of ripping and replacing hardware as their business scales,” she noted. “We’re no strangers to the customer challenges and the demand for a simple, scalable cloud storage solution and the headache associated with embracing multiple vendors to meet that need.”

That was why, a few years ago, Wasabi “strategically partnered with Tiger Technology, a really high-quality data management software provider and their exceptional software now lives under the hood as part of our bundled solution,” she told viewers.

“Together with Tiger, Wasabi is very well-positioned to scale customer storage capabilities and ensure that that data is instantly replicated for redundancy and instantly accessible right when they need it,” she added.