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MESA Member Webinar Week Ahead: May 29-June 2

Wasabi shares key findings from its “Media & Entertainment Cloud Storage Index Report,” SHI discusses tips for data centre and network transformation, and Veritone hosts its Activate AI event in New York, marrying AI to content workflows.

Those are just a few of the events from the MESA community the week of May 29-June 2, according to MESA’s global member e-calendar.

Here’s a look at what’s ahead:


• “Key Findings from Wasabi’s Media & Entertainment Cloud Storage Index Report” examines the results of Wasabi’s report, which seeks to better understand cloud storage market trends. The survey of 1,000 IT decision makers includes 140 from the media and entertainment industry and aims to understand how media owners leverage cloud storage as part of their overall IT strategy. The media and entertainment industry has recently predicted that cloud storage is the future of their business, but how true is that to reality? This webinar will take you through some of the key statistics that tell the story of M&E’s use of cloud storage using data collected from real IT decision makers around the world. Their responses illustrate how a growing trend within the industry is practically implemented and how it has already impacted their business.

• Genpact hosts “How Data and Technology are Accelerating Action Against Climate Change.” As more companies take on today’s environmental challenges – whether by reducing their impact on the planet or building solutions that help individuals and organisations act – data and technology are critical to helping meet their commitments. But first companies must know how to apply digital technologies and analytics while changing behaviors. From analyzing data on Scope 3 emissions across supply chains to predicting where climate change is going to have the biggest impact and reducing and removing carbon from the atmosphere, technology brings scale and speed to the fight for the planet. In this LinkedIn Live, Sanjay Srivastava, Genpact’s chief digital strategist, discusses the lessons learned and successes with leaders from life sciences giant AstraZeneca and Climate Vault, a company with a solution that can make net zero a reality.

• SAP presents its “Build Application Development Webcast.” How to unleash your business experts. Learn how SAP Build Apps tool gives everyone on your team the power to bring innovative ideas to life. Turning business users into drivers of innovation. The most innovative solutions come from the people closest to the work. Now you can empower them to build their own applications without writing code. In this Webcast, you’ll experience a hands-on demo and learn about drag-and-drop tools to build enterprise-grade user interfaces and experiences; creating data models and business logic visually in the cloud; ways to seamlessly connect SAP and non-SAP solutions.


• Veritone’s Activate AI event will be all about managing, creating, monetising, and innovating content In media, sports and entertainment, using the power of artificial intelligence. Content creation and consumption are at an all-time high. Media, entertainment, and broadcast organisations need ways to speed the path from content creation and management to activation and monetisation to meet audience expectations and increase brand engagement. Join Veritone and AWS as they explore how media, entertainment, and broadcast organisations can leverage AI to power their content workflows. You’ll hear from an analyst on the state of the AI industry and learn how you can manage your media with AI to boost efficiency and save resources; create new forms of media to engage and grow your audience; monetise all of your content to generate new revenue streams; and innovate with custom AI solutions to solve your greatest media challenges.

• Fortinet hosts “SOC Operations Made Simple With AI, Automation & SaaS.” As the threat landscape grows increasingly sophisticated, every organisation regardless of size or industry is a target. Yet for many businesses, building and maintaining strong security processes is costly and time-consuming, putting critical protections out of reach. Learn how AI, automation, SaaS delivery, and services can change the game, delivering simple and affordable solutions for advanced network defence with NDR, organisation-wide threat detection with SIEM, and automated attack response with SOAR.


• As part of its “Solve What’s Next” series, SHI hosts “Data Center and Network Transformation.” Join to understand how SHI discovers advancements in data centre as a service (DCaaS) with insights on data sovereignty, location dependence, and cost optimisation. You will learn how AC/DC foretold the cloud wars; updates on trends in repatriation, cloud optimisation, and sourcing strategy; and updates on emerging trends in DCaaS/dedicated cloud infrastructure as a service (DCIaaS).