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XL8 Debuts Real-Time AI-based Interpretation App for Zoom Meetings

AI-powered machine translation technology firm XL8 has debuted EventCAT for Zoom, a new App available in the Zoom Marketplace. The app expands XL8’s technologies into the online video conferencing world, delivering accurate real-time translation during multi-language Zoom meetings.

The new Zoom app is based on XL8’s Interpret platform capabilities, the same core translation technology used to power the company’s EventCAT platform for live event interpretation and live subtitling.

The XL8 engine covers more than 20 languages including most of the languages frequently requested by users, and XL8 is continually adding new languages to the stack.

“We launched the app as Beta in March and received invaluable feedback from users,” said John Butterworth, VP of sales engineering for XL8. “Their input was incorporated into the version now available to the general public and the result is an effective and easy-to-use collaboration solution for multi-language online meetings.”

Upon signing into the Zoom client, users can locate the “Apps” option at the bottom of the screen. By selecting this option, they can easily find the EventCAT app by using the search function. With just a click, users can initiate the app download process.

Once the EventCAT app is successfully installed, it will conveniently appear under the ‘Apps’ section located in the bottom right corner of the Zoom client.

The process to use varies slightly for hosts and participants, and no additional account is required for participants to utilize the app. Here’s a breakdown of the process:

For hosts:
• Select the language you will be speaking as a host.
• Choose all the languages that will be spoken during the meeting by both host and participants.
• Start the session.

For participants:
• Simply select your preferred language to join the session.

Upon activation by the host, the app will automatically launch a bot that records the meeting for interpretation purposes, ensuring a seamless translation experience for all participants.

The XL8 Zoom App revolutionizes the landscape of multi-language collaboration on the Zoom platform, empowering users with efficient language translation capabilities. To embark on this transformative journey of online collaboration, download and experience the XL8 Zoom App today. For more information about XL8 and its innovative language solutions, please visit http://xl8.ai.