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XL8 Joins Microsoft For Startups Founders Hub, Revolutionizing Language Translation

AI-powered machine translation technology firm XL8 has been accepted into the Microsoft for Startups Founders Hub program, positioning XL8 at the forefront of innovation in the language translation industry and opening new horizons for the company’s growth and the future of AI-driven language solutions, the company said.

Being selected for the Microsoft for Startups Founders Hub program marks a significant turning point for XL8. This collaboration brings together XL8’s unrivalled expertise in AI-powered machine translation and the extensive resources and support provided by Microsoft’s renowned startup program. As part of the program, XL8 gains access to a comprehensive suite of tools, including Azure cloud credits that scale with the company’s growth. These resources will enable XL8 to further enhance its technology, expand its service offerings, and solidify its position as an industry leader.

The Microsoft for Startups Founders Hub program provides XL8 with invaluable benefits and support tailored to their specific needs. With access to expert mentors, Azure sponsorship credits, Microsoft 365 productivity tools, OpenAI sponsorship credits, and collaboration platforms like GitHub, XL8 is well-equipped to accelerate its growth trajectory. This collaboration will foster the development of groundbreaking language translation solutions, enabling XL8 to exceed industry standards and meet the evolving demands of global clients.

“Joining the Microsoft for Startups Founders Hub is a remarkable opportunity for XL8,” said Jay Jinhyung Park, CTO of XL8. “This collaboration will empower us to push the boundaries of AI-powered language translation and drive innovation in the industry. With Microsoft’s support, we are confident that XL8 will continue to revolutionize the way media content is translated, delivering unparalleled accuracy, efficiency, and value to our clients worldwide.”