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Databricks Debuts AI-Powered Engine That Uniquely Understands Your Business

Databricks announced LakehouseIQ, a knowledge engine that learns the unique nuances of your business and data to power natural language access to it for a wide range of use cases.

Any employee in your organization can use LakehouseIQ to search, understand, and query data in natural language. LakehouseIQ uses information about your data, usage patterns, and org chart to understand your business’s jargon and unique data environment, and give significantly better answers than naive use of Large Language Models.

Large Language Models have, of course, promised to bring language interfaces to data, and every data company is adding an AI assistant, but in reality, many of these solutions fall short on enterprise data. Every enterprise has unique datasets, jargon, and internal knowledge that is required to answer its business questions, and simply calling an LLM trained on the Internet to answer questions gives wrong results. Even something as simple as the definition of a “customer” or the fiscal year varies across companies.

LakehouseIQ is a first-of-its-kind knowledge engine that directly solves this problem by automatically learning about business and data concepts in your enterprise. It uses signals from across the Databricks Lakehouse platform, including Unity Catalog, dashboards, notebooks, data pipelines, and docs, leveraging the unique end-to-end nature of the Databricks platform to see how data is used in practice. This lets LakehouseIQ build highly accurate specialized models for your enterprise.

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