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MESA Backs 2024 Languages & The Media Event in Budapest

MESA will once again be an association partner with Languages & The Media, the international conference and exhibition on language transfer in audiovisual media. The 15th edition will be held 13-15 November in Budapest.

MESA members will benefit from discounted tickets and MESA will be hosting a panel session with leading industry experts from across the localisation industry.

Setting foot outside its traditional location in Berlin, Languages & The Media finds a new home in Budapest for the 2024 edition, marking a momentous milestone in its legacy since 1996. As the oldest conference on this topic, attendees are invited to join in this monumental transition and share the enthusiasm for this dynamic shift.

Under the banner theme “New Frontiers in Media Localisation,” the conference aims to shed light on the evolving landscapes of the media industry.

The fight for streaming audiences, the disruptions caused by Hollywood strikes, and fiscal challenges have given rise to a brave new world of media. Here, technology, especially AI, promises new vistas in media localisation. But where do creativity and human agency fit in this new world?

Sub-themes delve deeper into the core challenges and opportunities ahead:

• Industry practices: From working conditions to the future of streaming, we explore the intricate details of current practices and what lies ahead.

• Technology: As AI and new tools redefine the industry, topics like AI dubbing, machine translation, and the role of creativity in this tech-savvy age take the limelight.

• Research approaches: In a world driven by data, we discuss new research paradigms in AVT and user-centred studies, among others.

• Cultural mediation: As we bridge cultural gaps, sessions on dubbing, voiceover, and fostering equity and diversity are set to enlighten.

• Videogame localisation: Gamers and developers will find rich insights into subtitling, game accessibility, and more.

• Access and inclusion: From audio description to integrated approaches, this theme is dedicated to making media accessible to all.

• Policy: This will be a profound discussion on digital accessibility, legislation, ethics of AI in creative workflows, and sustainability in the industry.

Budapest awaits delegates for a three-day whirlwind of workshops, panel discussions, and presentations. From industry stalwarts to budding professionals, this conference is a melting pot of ideas, fostering dialogue that will shape the future of media localisation.

The call for papers is open and the deadline for submission of proposals is 8 January. Visit www.languages-media.com for more information on the conference themes and subthemes. For any other questions, please contact [email protected].

For more information on discounted tickets for MESA members please contact [email protected]