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MESA Member Webinar Week Ahead: Dec. 4-8

The media and entertainment industry gathers in L.A. for the Content Protection Summit (CPS), Richey May discusses the importance of cybersecurity at the employee level, and Signiant dives into its Media Engine offering.

Here’s what the MESA community has planned the week of Dec. 4-8, according to MESA’s global member e-calendar.


• The Dec. 5 Content Production Summit, the premiere gathering of the top security and asset protection minds in the M&E industry, is a full-day event at the Culver Theatre in Culver City and will see industry stakeholders mingle with counterparts, demo the latest offerings from top Hollywood vendors, and watch presentations, with an emphasis on the intersection of AI and security.

Keynotes, panel discussions, and technology showcases are designed to offer senior-level content and information security experts the key information around the latest in content protection across the entire supply chain for entertainment. Production security, post-production workflows and the growing ecosystems of platforms and connectivity that are driving the secure content creation and distribution process. Additionally, anti-piracy and IP protection will be covered as our industry works collaboratively to secure our most important assets.

Produced by MESA, the Content Production Summit is presented by Fortinet, and sponsored by Convergent Risks, Friend MTS, Amazon Studios Technology, Indee, NAGRA, EIDR, and Eluv.io, in association with CDSA and the Hollywood IT Society (HITS).

To register for the event, click here. To join CDSA or sponsor the Content Production Summit, contact [email protected].

• Technicolor Creative Services hosts “Master Animation with Mikros.” This is a masterclass series dedicated to exploring the intricacies of animation and visual storytelling, featuring Anju Dev, Surfacing Supervisor, and Namya Rathanakar, Modeling Artist. In this session, Anju and Namya will delve into texturing and 3D character modeling. They will introduce you to the crucial role of establishing strong foundations in modeling and texturing, essential for achieving lifelike and expressive character animation. This webinar presents an outstanding opportunity for aspiring artists to gain valuable insights into the dynamic role of modeling and texturing artists, tips for creating the best models and textures, and immerse themselves in the captivating art of modeling and texturing. We invite you to participate in this masterclass to enhance your understanding of modeling and texturing in CG animation.

• Signaint hosts a webinar for its Media Engine offering. Looking to discover new ways to manage and access your valuable media assets? Join Signiant for an exclusive webinar designed to showcase how Media Engine makes it easy to search, preview and take action on media assets across distributed storage. Discover how Media Engine and the Signiant Platform make content flow easy and efficient.

• SecureTheVillage hosts the L.A. Cybersecurity Workforce Coalition meeting. The L.A. Cybersecurity Workforce Coalition is for employers, educators, government, nonprofits, and others with a professional interest in the cybersecurity workforce challenge. While focused on the greater L.A. area, including L.A. County, Orange County, and nearby communities, the coalition includes others with a professional interest in the cybersecurity workforce.


• Adobe hosts “The Future of Digital Work with Adobe Acrobat.” The need for all-in-one document workflow solutions is higher than ever. Both small and large businesses around the globe report that poor technologies are hurting organizational productivity. Join this webinar to discover the trends industry leaders are sharing around digital transformation and learn how Adobe Acrobat addresses these common document workflow issues with robust capabilities and integrations.

• Perforce presents “Build Like Gearbox: Developing a CI/CD Pipeline with Helix Core & JetBrains TeamCity.” Since their founding in 1999, Gearbox, the AAA game studio behind the iconic franchise Borderlands, has evolved their tech stack constantly to keep pace with the increasing demands of the industry. Now, they’re taking advantage of the power and flexibility of the cloud, and they rely on Perforce Helix Core and JetBrains TeamCity to streamline game development. Don’t miss this opportunity to deep dive into Gearbox’s development with members of their engineering and design teams: Steve Fortier, Phillip Peterson, and Brian Thomas. They will be joined by JetBrains’ TeamCity Solutions Engineer Daniel Gallo and Perforce’s Gaming and M&E Evangelist Ryan L’Italien.

• Celebrate the holiday season with Richey May and Abnormal at Forman’s Whiskey Tavern in L.A. Join Richey May for a happy hour and whiskey tasting while you connect with friends in the industry in the cozy ambiance of Forman’s. Richey May’s team of cybersecurity experts, along with Abnormal’s seasoned professionals, will be there from 5-7 p.m., ready to chat and share insights to propel your success and security in the coming year.


• Zendesk presents “Conversations with Zendesk ft Fetch.” In this fast-paced 30-minute conversation, Zendesk’s Joey Edwards is joined by Fetch VP of Support Operations, Brian Johnson, who will share his insights on what a world-class help center looks like, the integration of AI, and the overall agent experience.

• Zixi offers up “ZEN Master and TAG for Enhanced Monitoring and Unified Control.” TAG has been natively integrated into the Zixi ZEN Master control plane for unified management and large-scale configuration of comprehensive multi-channel monitoring of hundreds of metrics and multiviewing for the Media and Entertainment industry. This webinar from experts at TAG and Zixi will detail the rich feature and functionality sets of each platform, and how the integrated offering is a force multiplier for Broadcast and OTT providers along with a demonstration of customers like FOX and Disney use the technologies to reduce operational costs, allowing them to invest in other areas including content acquisition and monetization.

• Fortinet hosts “Beyond the Carpet: Using Rugged Devices for Reliable and Secure Connectivity Everywhere.” From OT to educational campuses to fast food, the need for ruggedized equipment is increasing. In this webinar, you will learn how rugged IT is measured and defined. Plus, we will examine how it applies to specific use cases in and beyond OT. Find out how Fortinet addresses this important need with hardware, software, and our secure connectivity approach, enabling the convergence of security and networking.

• MicroStrategy presents “Data on Tap” in New York. Thirsty for knowledge about Data and Analytics but not sure where to start? Eager to tap into the potential of Business Intelligence for your company’s growth? Look no further! Join at this exclusive and refreshing event, Data on Tap, where the transformative power of MicroStrategy in the business world will be revealed!

Real-Life Success Story: Witness firsthand how another company harnessed the power of Data to transform their operations and achieve remarkable results. Learn from their journey, challenges, and triumphs. Beginner-Friendly: No prior knowledge of Data and Analytics is required! This event is tailored to cater to beginners and individuals who are not familiar with the subject. Networking Opportunities: Connect with like-minded professionals, industry experts, and our team to address any questions you may have and expand your network.