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MESA’s Winter M+E Journal Goes Live

The winter edition of the “M+E Journal,” published by MESA and geared toward senior media and entertainment executives who oversee their companies’ digital futures, is now available online.

The 84-page publication features insights from more than a dozen MESA members, from Altman Solon to Vubiquity, with the issue’s main focus centred on the challenges and opportunities around AI, cybersecurity and content protection.

Along with the cover section — “A Secure AI World?” — the issue offers industry insights for several crucial industry areas, including “Smart Content.” The “M+E Journal” also features columns from MESA’s executive leadership.

Here’s a quick look at what’s included in the “A Secure AI World?” section:

• The cover story interviews several leaders in the content protection and cybersecurity space, asking for their thoughts on the pressing security needs of a streaming-first world, the impact AI technologies are having on security and content protection, and what’s next for the industry.

• “What We Need for Better Security in M&E” by Mathew Gilliat-Smith of Convergent Risks. General security posture in the M&E supply chain is the highest it has ever been, but is it good enough? Leaks still happen and cyberattacks are becoming more prevalent. There’s more to be done beyond meeting the minimum best practice. Being proactive and vigilant will save time and cost in the long run.

• “Charting Legal, Security and Privacy Waters: AI’s Role in Content Creation and Localization” by Nicole Quilfen with Mediartis, and Stephanie Iyayi with Convergent Risks. The adoption of AI in content creation and localisation operations poses significant legal, security and data privacy risks. Concerns centre around copyright infringement, mishandling of personal data, and vulnerabilities to cyber threats. Achieving a balance between automation and safeguarding sensitive information is crucial for ethical and legal compliance in AI-driven processes.

• “Creating Secure Content in an Evolving Landscape” By Pawan Anand with Ascendion. We are streaming content on the fly. Content consumption has become synonymous with videos in most cases. All of these lead to one main challenge for the media and entertainment industry: cybersecurity. In 2022, a minimum of one data breach per month was reported by over 80 percent of the organisations globally. Digital technologies are transforming the M&E industry, redefining content production, distribution, and consumption. This fundamental change requires renewed focus on cybersecurity and content protection.

• “Protecting the Content Supply Chain” by Chris Williams with Richey May Cyber. Every day, the world depends on the supply chain of products and services for everyday tasks. How can organisations ensure that content shared with third parties stays safe? What is the impact of having a weak cybersecurity posture in your content supply chain, and how can these risks be mitigated? This article will examine the risks inherent in the content supply chain and identify best practices to defend your supply chain against potential risks.

• “Securing Entertainment’s Emerging Tech Stack” by Derek Powell with Altman Solon. The media and entertainment industry has continued to evolve over the last three years, accelerating the development of new processes and capabilities. In parallel, data security concerns grew for product teams and media companies expanding their tech stack. Findings from Altman Solon’s latest emerging technology study shed light on adoption trends, strengths, and potential challenges with new media solutions, including virtual production, IP-based workflows, and artificial intelligence. How should media executives toe the line of managing security concerns with the increasing need to foster growth and innovation?

• “Using Cloud-Based Content Delivery to Keep Pace with Modern-Day Streaming” by Chris Bardsley with Vubiquity. Streaming content has increased in recent years as a general trend, accelerated with the pandemic. Some content is now available in line with theatres or very soon after. This brings additional challenges for the studios and operators to keep up with the demands of content protection and appropriate usage.

• “Cybersecurity and Content Protection: This is a Serious Issue!” By Eutdel Garcia with The Kitchen. Keeping vendor facilities secure has become more important than ever. But there are no concrete answers (yet) around what security will be needed with AI applications.

• “AI: The Next Big M&E Creative Adventure or a Fast-Approaching Security Headache?” by Tim Pearson with NAGRA. This article explores how AI is being used to create content that is realistic and easily blended with live-captured video. But aside from likeness protection, what about the wider security aspects and how could such technology be used for illicit gain?