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Box Product, Security Experts Take a Deep Dive on AI

Box artificial intelligence (AI) and security experts explained how companies can get their content ready for AI during the Box Community Roundtable webinar “Preparing Your Content for AI” on March 20.

Tyan Hynes, Box, search and machine learning product manager, and Kurt Roemer, Box chief security strategist, discussed how to perform a full content inventory, gain insights from the use of metadata, control full-lifecycle content usage, and explore opportunities for automation from protection to reporting.

They also explored the use of the Box Content Cloud, app integrations and leveraging content infrastructure.

They then took a deep dive on Box AI, touching on six key themes: Know your content, define your governance environment, orchestrate full content lifecycle usage, leveraging content infrastructure, automate desired behaviors, and assuring observability.

“We wanted to arrange this community session for all of us to interact to have some advanced thought leadership around AI to help prepare our organizations as we get deeper and deeper into AI,” Roemer said. “As I would imagine, most people are already working with it.”

He went on to tell viewers: “As we get into the whole artificial intelligence phase, remember that this is so much more about the intelligence. It’s about what we can do with the information, what we can do with the content, how we can advance our organizations.”

Although AI is “getting all the press these days,” he said what is most significant is “what we’re going to be able to do with AI and how we can continue to expand its sphere of influence and help all of us humans do our job better, get more time to take walks with family,” etc.

As more organizations think about AI, they are going to want to have a set of unique AI principles, he said. After all, he noted, “every organization is a little unique.”

Agreeing, Hynes said: “Everybody should be kind of thinking about how they want to manage AI and their data in general and be really thoughtful about it. We discovered as we were building Box AI that we were making some decisions along the way that we felt were good in terms of kind of security compliance and basically how we wanted to build the product, and we felt it was really important to codify those really early on just to really guide us along the way so we could make sure that we weren’t making decisions individually and sort of without being connected to the whole picture.”

Companies, meanwhile, “want to have some discussions first [about AI] and that’s really good,” she said. For example, she said, companies want to be able to decide who uses AI and in what contexts so we can make sure that everybody feels really comfortable with who’s using it, what content and where.”