Here’s a listing of some of the studio technology executives who attended last year’s event.

Company Job Title
Fox Networks Group Vice President, Technology
The Walt Disney Television Group Vice President, Program Management
Disney DTCI Vice President, IT Project Management
NBCUniversal Vice President, IT
Sony PIctures Television Vice President, Digital Media
Warner Bros. Vice President, Content Management & Distribution
Warner Bros. Vice President, Business Technologies & Workplace Solutions
Lionsgate Entertainment Vice President-IT
TNT/TBS Vice President Post Production & Content Operations
Al Roker Entertainment, inc Vice President Marketing/Digital Strategy
20th Century Fox/Walt Disney Company Vice President Global Technology & Business Development
Sony Pictures Vice President Enterprise Architecture
Warner Bros Vice President Data Governance
Universal Pictures Vice President Content Security Post Production
Turner Vice President Content Security & Anti-Piracy
Sony Vice President
The Walt Disney Company Vice President
Blizzard Entertainment Transmission Manager
Sony Pictures Entertainment Talent Acquisition Manager
Amazon Studios Sub Divisional Engineer II
HealthCare Partners Strategy & Operations
Akamai Strategic Account Executive
Akamai Strategic Account Executive
Warner Bros Specialist, Operations
NBCUniversal Specialist Tech Training
Amazon Studios Software Engineer
NBCUniversal Software Developer
Lionsgate Senior Vice President, Enterprise Data, Analytics & Intelligence Technology
The Walt Disney Company Senior Vice President, Enterprise Business Systems
STX Films Senior Vice President, Distribution & Worldwide Operations
Lionsgate Senior Vice President Solutions
CreativeFuture Senior Vice President Communications
Universal Studios Hollywood Senior Vice President – Information Technology
Amazon Prime Video Senior Tecnical Producer
Warner Bros Senior Technical Business Analyst
NBCUniversal Senior Specialist Purchasing
HBO Senior Software Engineer
Disney Senior Manager, Product Development
Live Nation Senior Manager, Information Security
The Walt Disney Company Senior Manager Metadata & Taxonomy
Paramount Pictures Senior Manager
Warner Bros. Senior Manager
Hulu Senior Lead, Content Marketing Strategy
NBC Universal Senior Financial Analyst
Google Senior Economist
NBCUniversal Senior Director, Information Technology
Universal Pictures Senior Director, Film Security
NBCUniversal Senior Director, Brand Development
BBC Studios Los Angeles Senior Director Productions
NBCUniversal Senior Director Intellectual Property Operations
NBCUniversal Senior Director Content Distribution
The Walt Disney Company Senior Content Manager
Warner Bros Senior Analyst
Lionsgate Entertainment SAP Basis and Security Administration/IT
Disney Research Scientist
Warner Bros. Project Manager
NBCUniversal Product Manager
Latebloom Entertainment Producer
Microsoft Principal Program Manager
CBS Page
The Walt Disney Company Metadata Specialist
The Walt Disney Company Metadata Sepcialist
Sony Pictures Metadata Librarian
The Walt Disney Company Metadata Librarian
The Walt Disney Studios Metadata Governance Librarian
NBCUniversal Manager, IP Security & Technology
Sony Pictures Entertainment Manager, Global Talent Acquisition
Disney Manager, Enterprise Technology
Warner Bros. Technology Manager, Digital Media Technology
Hulu Manager, Content Marketing Strategy
Paramount Manager, Content & Technology Standards
Warner Bros Manager, Client Solutions – Demand Planning
Paramount Pictures Manager – Content Security
ABC Manager
Sony Pictures Entertainment Manager
NBC Universal IT Manager
Disney IT Director
Warner Bros IT Director
BBC Studios Los Angeles IT & Facilities Manager
Warner Bros. IP Manager, Data Governance
Warner Bros Infosec Engineer
CBS Guest Relations Page
The Walt Disney Company Global Information Security
BBC Global Content Security Director
Blockgraph General Manager
Emblamatic Group Filmmaker & Journalist
Lionsgate Executive Vice President and Chief Information Officer
Warner Bros. Executive Director, Production Technology
Warner Bros Executive Director, Global Retail
Warner Bros. Executive Director, Data Governance
Sony Pictures Entertainment Executive Director, Content Licensing & Metadata
Sony Pictures Entertainment Executive Director, Content Licensing
Fox Executive Director, Advanced Technology
Warner Bros. Executive Director Operations
WarnerMedia Executive Director Global Sourcing Marketing
Viacom Executive Director – Technology Sourcing
Disney Executive Director
Disney Executive Director
Sony Pictures Entertainment Executive Director
Warner Bros Director, TV Distribution Finance
Blizzard Entertainment Director, Technology Partnerships
Hulu Director, Security Governance, Risk & Compliance
ABC Director, Media Optimization and Management
ABC Entertainment / Walt Disney Television Director, Marketing Technology
TRAILER PARK INC. Director, IT Infrastructure & Security
American Film Institute Director, IT
United Way of Greater Los Angeles Director, Engagement & Strategic Initiatives
Paramount Pictures Director, Distribution Technology
Disney Studios Director, Digital Operations
Marvel Entertainment Director, Content Security
NBCUniversal Director, Business Analytics
Warner Bros Director, BTWS
NBCUniversal Director Sales Operations
NBCUniversal Director Sales Operations
ToyBox Entertainment Director of Technology and New Media
20th Century Fox Director of Technology
WarnerMedia TNT & tbs Director of Studio Content Operations
SMPTE Director of Standards Development
Blizzard Entertainment Director of Live Operations Broadcast Technology
Sony Pictures Entertainment Director of IT, Agile Management Office
STX Entertainment Director of Information Technology
Monster Energy Director of Digital Asset Management
CBS Studios Director of Content Security
Warner Bros Director | Digital Media Engineering
Sony Pictures Entertainment Director
Warner Bros. Director
The Walt Disney Company Digital Audience Development
Monster Energy Digital Asset Manager
20th Century Fox Data Analytics Manager
NBCUniversal Cyber Assurance
Microsoft Customer Experience Lead – M365 Product
Warner Bros. Corporate Senior Vice President
Fox Content Security Specialist
Amazon Studios Content Security Officer
Fox Content Security Coordinator
Dana Ireland-Boyd Consultant
Hulu Compliance Manager
New Wave Entertainment Chief Operating Officer
Academy Of Motion Pictures Arts & Sciences Chief Information Officer
Creative Arts Agency Chief Information Officer
Emotional Toolbox Chief Executive Officer
Present Company Excepted Chief Executive Officer
NBCUniversal Business Engagement Manager
NBC Universal Business Engagement
Monster Energy Business Analyst/Project Manager
NBCUniversal Associate Project Manager
Walt Disney Studios Asset Management