M&E Journal: New Hollywood Post-COVID: Hybrid and Still Running

The media and entertainment industry, along with MESA’s communities surrounding the end-to-end supply chain, has faced innumerable challenges this last year and a half. These cha... More

M&E Journal: How Predictive Modeling is Changing the Content Licensing Game

The entertainment industry has been evolving rapidly in recent years, with seemingly every major company engaging in a streaming arms race. And while 2020 brought a seismic shift t... More

Alteon CEO: Why Studios Need to Take the Metaverse Seriously

It’s no secret that the Hollywood and tech giants, by establishing their digital platforms as go-to sources for entertainment spanning movies, music and gaming, are laying the gr... More

MESA Members Tout Their Latest Products, Services at CES

Several MESA members took part in CES 2022 this week, in Las Vegas and/or virtually as the COVID Omicron variant led several companies to opt against attending or exhibiting in per... More

Gracenote Expands Analytics Capabilities with Launch of Audience Predict

Gracenote, the content solutions arm of Nielsen, has debuted a new content analytics tool that forecasts potential future entertainment programming performance, using a combination... More

Whip Media eBook Details How to Predict Content Success

A new eBook from Whip Media Group details some recent streaming examples showing that with the right data-driven strategy, content owners and distributors can be assured they’re ... More

Amazon Machine Learning VP: Company’s New Initiatives Make ML More Accessible

Two new Amazon Web Services (AWS) initiatives that make machine learning (ML) more accessible for anybody interested in experimenting and learning with the technology were introduc... More

How to Enhance Your Organization’s Research and Make it More Inclusive

To improve the market and product research your organization does, it is important to make the process more inclusive and make sure you’re interviewing a wide range of diverse ty... More

Sutherland Labs: To Get More Inclusive Technology, We Need More Inclusive Research

Experience research that’s designed to gauge the needs and desires of consumers who use technology is important but if wide groups of consumers are being excluded from that resea... More

Spherex Intros Newsfeed While Making Strides With SpherexGreenlight

Data and technology company Spherex introduced a newsfeed called World M+E News on Nov. 17 that it said aggregates stories from around the world related to the globalisation of TV ... More

MESA’s December In-Person London, Amsterdam Events Canceled

With daily COVID-19 cases resurging across Europe, MESA announced Nov. 10 that it has canceled in-person events scheduled in London and Amsterdam during the first week of December.... More

How Virtual Production is Impacting Animation

While live-action film production during the pandemic was significantly helped by advances in virtual production, COVID-19 and the accompanying rise of virtual production has impac... More

How to Automate EIDR Registration

An automated EIDR integration is possible, even if you have multiple title management systems. You will need your tech team to build or piggyback onto existing technology. Here’s... More

MESA Members Share Latest Insights During DAM(n) Tour

MESA members highlighted their latest products and services 21st Oct as part of the virtual Take the DAM(n) MESA Tour!, showcasing the hottest media management offerings in the mar... More

MESA Members Tout Their New Products, Services on MESA’s DAM(n) Tour

MESA members highlighted their latest products and services 21st Oct as part of the virtual Take the DAM (n) Tour!, showcasing the hottest media management offerings in the market ... More

M&E Journal: What No One in Streaming Services is Talking Enough About

Streaming services are at a strange intersection in 2021: The clamor for direct-to-consumer (D2C) content is at an all-time high, yet the industry is more competitive than ever. Pr... More

Ad-ID, EIDR and LMT Tout the Importance of M&E Data Standards

Ad-ID, the Entertainment Identifier Registry (EIDR) and the Language Metadata Table (LMT) Working Group highlighted the importance of media and entertainment industry standards and... More

M&E Journal: Zooming in on Smart Content

As we gathered this spring for the Smart Content Summit, a few things were different. To get together, we didn’t have to brave Los Angeles traffic, wait for the valet, and find a... More

Eluvio Powers Fox’s First NFT Endeavor

Fox Entertainment and Blockchain Creative Labs will launch “The MaskVerse,” an NFT marketplace and community for television’s #1 entertainment series, hit singing competition... More

M&E Journal: The Audience is King

The competition for subscription and ad-supported streaming viewers has never been more intense and looks to remain so for the foreseeable future. Netflix and Amazon are facing... More

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