M&E Journal: Content Stands Tall By Getting Shorter

According to a recent PricewaterhouseCoopers’ M&E outlook, the U.S. entertainment marketplace is expected to reach more than $825 billion. The report includes revenues from a... More

Standards, AI/ML, eSports Highlight SMPTE 2020 ‘Game On’ Topics

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M&E Journal: Maximize Subscriber Retention by Delivering an Exceptional Viewer Experience

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CNET Founder: Excessive Regulation Hinders Entertainment Technology

5G technology may be the best thing to happen to media and entertainment in ages, the industry’s use of blockchain for content management is being hamstrung by state regulations,... More

Eluvio CEO Brings ‘Just-In-Time’ Supply Chain Upgrade to Nov. 5th Smart Content Summit EU

There’s a new — and novel — supply chain approach today for streaming and servicing film and TV catalogue content direct from their source assets, for sales, licensing, and t... More

Former Chelsea Director Mike Forde to Keynote Nov. 5 Smart Content Summit EU

Mike Forde, strategic advisor to the NBA’s San Antonio Spurs and advisor to McLaren Formula 1’s Applied Technologies division — and longtime director of football operations a... More

M&E Journal: Why Going Direct-to-Consumer Doesn’t Have to Be Hard

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M&E Journal: Audio Business Continuity Alliance Prioritizes Localization Professionals

Collaboration among professional audio localization providers going forward can make the most of the lessons we’ve learned along the way. When the COVID-19 pandemic blindsided... More

Zixi, AWS and Verizon Tout the Benefits of 5G

Zixi, Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Verizon representatives used a webinar on Sept. 23 to highlight the benefits of 5G and the significant role each company is playing in the promo... More

CNET Founder, Salesforce Investor Minor to Keynote Oct. 20 M&E Day

Halsey Minor, a serial entrepreneur, the founder of CNET, and one of the initial major investors in Salesforce, will deliver the opening keynote address of the Oct. 20 Media & Ente... More

M&E Journal: Preparation, Responsibility and Perseverance

The beginnings of the COVID-19 pandemic signaled changes both monumental and fast. Whereas at the start of 2020 one would not have hesitated to shake hands with a col-league (or ev... More

Data Takes Center Stage at Oct. 7 Women’s SoCal Leadership Summit

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M&E Journal: Using Machine Learning to Transform Creative Talent Management

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M&E Journal: Beyond Genre: Exploring Content Discovery’s New Frontier

As the world shelters at home to stall the spread of COVID-19, families, co-habitants and individuals alike are discovering newfound time to occupy. (more…)... More

NAB Show 2021 Las Vegas Moves to Oct. 9-13

The National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) announced Sept. 9 that the 2021 edition of the NAB Show will be held in Las Vegas, but pushed back from its normal April slot, to Oct... More

Whip Media: Success of New TV Shows Can Be Predicted Before Ratings Come In

While TV networks continue to rely mainly on viewership ratings to determine whether or not a freshman TV series should be renewed, there is significant value in being able to gaug... More

M&E Journal: Content May Be King, But Is Content Enough?

SAP will host the Sept. 10 webinar “Brace Yourselves for the Next Disruption in the Media Industry” By Richard Whittington, SVP M&E, SAP - The maxim that “content is k... More

Smart Content Summit Arrives in Europe 5 November

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NAGRA Report: Data Points the Way for Content Owners Post-COVID

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M&E Journal: Connecting With Consumers With the Right Content During Massive Social Shifts

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