M&E Journal: The Good, the Bad, and Ugly: COVID-19’s Impact on M&E

As a media services provider with a focus on transcription, access and localisation services, we’ve seen demand for some of our services skyrocket and others shrink during lockdo... More

M&E Journal: AI-Empowered Workflows for Fast and Compliant Content Protection

Success in today’s highly competitive media environment often comes down to the ability to create and deliver the highest-quality, most compliant content in the shortest time pos... More

GrayMeta, Bitmax Tackle Importance of Supply Chain Metadata

In another of its “Metadata Matters” series of one-on-one interviews, intelligent metadata firm GrayMeta sits down with partner company Bitmax — a specialist in digital distr... More

M&E Journal: Going Remote

What once was difficult and unknown is now necessary ... and maybe not so difficult after all. The production world, like everything and everyone else, has been turned upside down ... More

Tough Times Produce New Creative Content Opportunities

Well, we did it. We bought a 2021 calendar. We hardly used last year’s and if this year is going to suck like 2020, we can always recycle. Despite all the corporate blood-lett... More

Interoperability and Simplicity: The Bane of Streaming

Over recent years, streaming has already been booming to meet the desires and habits of consumers. Various OTT models were already well positioned for the global lock-down, or shel... More

Splunk: Connecting Every Data Source Dot

San Francisco-based Splunk has a simple mantra for a complex problem: “Turn data into doing” using its Data-to-Everything Platform, with technology designed to investigate, mon... More

Genpact Highlights Road to Winning Media Management Strategy

As media businesses pivot to drive revenue from digital channels, it’s essential that they fully understand and be prepared for the complex nature of content streaming and how to... More

Synamedia CTO Offers Up 2021 Predictions

Nick Thexton, CTO for Synamedia, has offered up his predictions for what 2021 will bring for TV viewing experiences. From the ongoing battle with streaming pirates to new opportuni... More

Digital Nirvana Tackles Smart Captioning at Smart Content Summit EU

Digital Nirvana used its presentation at the recent Smart Content Summit EU event to share use cases around how artificial intelligence and machine learning have helped revolutioni... More

Splunk to Highlight ‘Data to Everything’ Security at Dec. 8 CPS Event

With traditional modes of content creation and delivery upended, and an increasing reliance on real-time data to understand viewer interests, planning ahead on keeping that data se... More

Smart Content Summit EU Hears From EIDR

Richard Kroon, director of technical operations for the Entertainment ID Registry (EIDR), and Avner Braverman, CEO of Reshuffle, brought their insights on mature APIs and taking ad... More

M&E Journal: Doing it Right: What to Look for When Implementing a Rights Solution

The reality is rights management system (RMS) implementations are difficult. No matter how much you know about system implementations, enabling rights management has unique challen... More

Cognizant Shares AI Data Benefits at Smart Content Summit EU

One of the very few positives to come out of the COVID-19 pandemic is proof of something digital IT specialist Cognizant has been saying for years: AI is capable of delivering “b... More

M&E Journal: Remote vs. Rosé: Pandemics and Our Future

With the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, travel and congregations of people have been shut down and remote communication tools are on a tear. Will content distribution events become les... More

PK: ‘Bulletproof’ APIs and a ‘Prevention Mentality’ Can Best Safeguard Your Data

Secure application programming interface (API) development and having a “prevention mentality” can go a long way towards better safeguarding valuable data, Lou Powell, partner ... More

Digital Nirvana: How AI and ML Can Help You Create and Distribute Content

Cloud-based artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) solutions are transforming and accelerating virtually every aspect of content creation and distribution, accordin... More

M&E Journal: The Formula for Smart Content: Make the Future Now

Making content smart requires technology, processes, data and, of course, people. What’s equally important — and the driving force to making content smarter — is innovati... More

Standards, AI/ML, eSports Highlight SMPTE 2020 ‘Game On’ Topics

The state of industry standards in a COVID-19 world, the latest, emerging benefits of AI and ML, and the explosive growth of eSports are among the highlights of the Nov. 10-12 “G... More

M&E Journal: Content Stands Tall By Getting Shorter

According to a recent PricewaterhouseCoopers’ M&E outlook, the U.S. entertainment marketplace is expected to reach more than $825 billion. The report includes revenues from a... More

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