MESA Europe Hosts Industry Panel Sept. 23 at Languages & the Media Event

On Sept. 23rd at 2 p.m. CET, the leaders of MESA Europe will host an industry panel at the Languages & the Media event, the 13th annual international conference and exhibition ... More

Modernizing Spend Management for the M&E Industry

As the world emerges from the events of the last year and we begin to see a return to some degree of “normal,” there is one industry that stands out amongst the crowd of indust... More

M&E Journal: Using Technology to Improve Character Diversity

Diversity and representation in film and TV is a huge topic in Hollywood today. Whether it’s white actors voicing black animated characters, or cisgender actors playing transg... More

Media, Content, and Agility: Putting the King in the Cloud

It’s no secret that the media industry is in a period of major flux. Over the past two years — and continuing today — the big players have been making dramatic moves. The ... More

M&E Journal: Utilizing Modern Analytics to Drive Streaming Services Revenue

Whether you’re an established streaming provider, or a start-up looking to go over the top, there’s only one data analytics platform that can deliver the myriad of features and... More

Smart Content News Publishing Schedule

The Smart Content News e-newsletter will not publish Aug. 19 and Aug. 26. The MESA editorial department will also not be publishing on between Aug. 16-27. Smart Cont... More

EES 2021: MEDCA Lays Out Mission, Stresses Importance of a Good Foundation

The critical role of data centres took centre stage 21 July, during the VFX & Data Centres breakout session “An Introduction to the M&E Data Centre Alliance (MEDCA)” at... More

EES 2021: What’s Next for Gracenote Inclusion Analytics

Gracenote Inclusion Analytics were recently expanded to the full market in the U.S. and an international expansion is planned for next year, according to Maryl Curran Widdows, VP o... More

EES 2021: Taking Virtual Reality Into Live Performances and Beyond

Kiira Benzing, executive creative director of Double Eye Studios and founder of the Virtual Repertory Theatre, used the closing keynote at the July 21 Entertainment Evolution Sympo... More

EES 2021: COVID-19 Accelerated Some M&E Trends

The COVID-19 pandemic accelerated some media and entertainment employment and revenue trends, while having an especially devastating impact on sports, according to Nelson Granados,... More

5G Will Open the Complete Content Pipeline

Back in 1986 when Top Gun first hit the screen, we heard those oft quoted words spoken, “I feel the need, the need for speed.” And when our daughter walks out of the theater af... More

M&E Journal: Advancing Communication-Enabling Technologies

Among its many impacts, the pandemic disrupted communication for all of us. To compensate, we adopted new daily routines, and the new modus operandi for service, educational and me... More

M&E Journal: Is Automatic Captioning Good Enough to Replace Traditional Captioning Services?

I’ve been watching “Humans” on Netflix. A couple of years late, admittedly, but if lockdown has been good for anything it’s catching up on TV shows you didn’t notice the ... More

How to Increase the Value of Data in Motion With PacketFabric and AWS

The velocity with which an organization can move its data to applications and services determines how much value can be created to power its business, according to Amazon Web Servi... More

CDSA Launches App & Cloud Assessment Program

The Content Delivery & Security Association (CDSA) has formally launched the CDSA App & Cloud Assessment Program, extending their long-running security and assessment work ... More

RSG Media: AI, ML ‘Juicing the ROI’ for Content Libraries

The more media companies launch new services and boost content creation, the more pressure they face to maximize the value of their libraries. That means increased use of artificia... More

How Tamr Helped Screenrights Support Content Creators Through Data Mastering With Machine Learning

Screenrights, a company that manages royalty licensing for educational broadcast content in Australia and New Zealand, needed to find a better way to scale its efforts and accurate... More

HITS Spring: Know the Score on Demand for Content, Whip Says

Eric Steinberg, media research and insights lead for Whip Media Group, had both good news and bad news for attendees of the annual Hollywood Innovation and Transformation Summit (H... More

M&E Journal: Applying Artificial Intelligence to IP Management: Implications for the Broadcast, Media Industries

Artificial intelligence (AI) is branch of computer science focused on building smart machines capable of performing tasks that typically require human intelligence. AI is an in... More

M&E Journal: Hollywood’s New Remote – and Virtual – Production Reality

For director and actor Ramon Fernandez (Glory Daze: The Life and Times of Michael Alig, “Sons of Anarchy”) the past year was challenging on all fronts, both around the producti... More

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