M&E Journal: Want to Strengthen Audience Loyalty and Engagement? There’s Data for That

By Morgan Fiumi, Chief Innovation Officer, Deluxe Entertainment Services Group

Competition for consumer viewership is at an all-time high. With a myriad of content easily available across the digital space, consumers have their pick of what to consume and when to consume it. In addition to traditional formats and platforms, viewers are immersed in digital content 24/7. It’s not surprising that consumers have developed the habit of watching only what is relevant to their specific interests, wants and needs, and blocking out anything that falls outside of that scope.

Content creators are faced with the challenge of determining how to attract the attention of their core audiences and keep it on the right medium.

To a greater extent, they are expected to produce high-quality, targeted content as efficiently as possible. To do that, content creators must leverage key data to instill a sense of personalization for audiences that makes an emotional connection.

Without this personalization, companies will be lost in the crowd and risk losing the critical opportunity to establish a consumer base, reach new and relevant audiences and curate lasting relationships.

Our differences are what make us unique

As much as the world is becoming globalized and certain norms are standardizing, it is still important to understand and respect cultural and societal differences across regions. Today, with content accessible to so many people, providers must have a stronger understanding of how these differences can impact their influence and connection with audiences.

When it comes to cultural and societal differences, data and insights are key for content creators and providers across the entire lifecycle of campaigns. Initial data ensures that companies have a better understanding of their audiences from the onset — providing awareness and the ability to incorporate insights. During every touch point and interaction, data provides an opportunity to learn more about consumers’ individual preferences and how to keep them engaged.

Engagement tactics include deploying targeted advertisements based on viewers’ interests.

On the backend, data can provide greater insight into the performance of video and content, enabling creators to course correct or optimize as needed. Data helps creators deliver valuable market insights that allow for better monetization of content, such as how much content will cost to deliver, what is being bought and when, and which regions have the most potential.

In parallel with being cognizant of these differences, content creators need to meet the demands of their audiences, providing consumers with diverse and unique content and highly-tailored experiences. While this sounds daunting, with the power of data it is easier to target content that reflects audiences’ mindsets, social and regional stances, ultimately retaining the most fitting audiences and cutting down on the loss of viewers.

Survival of the most personalized

To reach audiences, content must be personalized enough to break through the noise and make a real connection. While they may not admit it, viewers want to feel like the content they’re seeing is directed specifically at them. In today’s media landscape and in the future, there is no room for generic content.

Personalization is another aspect of content creation that is heavily reliant on data. It is essential for brands and content providers to create a high-functioning recommendation engine based on data that considers the viewer’s history and preferences. By utilizing data and artificial intelligence (AI), brands are able to have a clear understanding of who they’re targeting on a regular basis, while also identifying potential new audiences that are relevant to their success and maintaining super users.

With audiences regularly shifting and expanding, staying abreast of audience preferences and needs will ensure that content creators and providers are reaching them in the most relevant way. Knowing your audience gives you the opportunity to recommend relevant content- based insights.

When it comes to gaining the attention of viewers or expanding audiences across various digital platforms, personalization is key. With content creation at an all-time high and audiences fragmented more than ever, understanding the intricacies of those audiences is a new challenge companies must address. Data is key to understanding your audience and garnering their attention.

To succeed in today’s viewership race, content creators and providers must utilize insights to understand societal and regional differences, as well as deep personalization, and ultimately put data at the core of their decisions.


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