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M&E Journal: Preparation, Responsibility and Perseverance

The beginnings of the COVID-19 pandemic signaled changes both monumental and fast. Whereas at the start of 2020 one would not have hesitated to shake hands with a col-league (or ev... More

M&E Journal: Where Do Production Security and Production Efficiency Meet?

Production security is not a new topic in the M&E industry, but it is certainly top of mind across the industry. File-based workflows, cloud services and a fully connected worl... More

M&E Journal: Using Machine Learning to Transform Creative Talent Management

There’s an old saying in business: Your biggest assets (people) leave in the elevator every night. That’s doubly true in the creative talent management business, where your... More

M&E Journal: Beyond Genre: Exploring Content Discovery’s New Frontier

As the world shelters at home to stall the spread of COVID-19, families, co-habitants and individuals alike are discovering newfound time to occupy. (more…)... More

M&E Journal: How to Know Your Organization is Implementing ‘Minimum Reasonable Information Security Practices’

As a consequence of the 2018 California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), chief information security officers in and out of the entertainment industry are being called upon to assure th... More

M&E Journal: A New Normal in Post-Production

By Chris Carey, CRO, Managing Director of the Americas, Iyuno Media Group - The COVID-19 crisis has caused our industry to make dramatic strategic changes in order to continue o... More

M&E Journal: Content May Be King, But Is Content Enough?

SAP will host the Sept. 10 webinar “Brace Yourselves for the Next Disruption in the Media Industry” By Richard Whittington, SVP M&E, SAP - The maxim that “content is k... More

M&E Journal: Preparation and Learning From TPN Security Assessments … and COVID-19

By Chris Johnson, CEO, President, and Mathew Gilliat-Smith, EVP, Convergent Risks - The M&E supply chain has never been more united in improving digital security. At the tim... More

M&E Journal: Embracing Remote Work Improves Long-Term Resilience

By Ian Main, Technical Marketing Principal, Teradici - Companies around the world have been transitioning to remote work, and what was originally thought to be a measure require... More

M&E Journal: The Future of Quality Control is in the Cloud

By Scott Ralston, Head of Product, GrayMeta - Cloud technologies are increas-ingly being used by studios, broadcasters and content owners throughout the lifecycle of content, fr... More

M&E Journal: 5 Must-Haves for Microsoft Teams Adoption and Data Security

By David Salter, Director, Technology Solutions, LiveTiles - Microsoft Teams adoption recently hit a new high with 44 million daily active users, spiking a whopping 37 percent i... More

M&E Journal: Distributed Production Under Lockdown … and Beyond

By Chuck Parker, CEO, Sohonet - We’re all using remote technologies to remain connected during this unprecedented time. While this shift has intensified in recent weeks, it is... More

M&E Journal: Connecting With Consumers With the Right Content During Massive Social Shifts

By Alex von Krogh, VP Data Sales, Whip Media Group - In this environment, traditional windows and content distribution strategies are being impacted. Disney+ released Frozen II ... More

M&E Journal: Customer Churn: A New Challenge for M&E Companies

Andres Angelani, CEO of Cognizant Softvision, will take part in the free Aug. 5 webinar “Agility Done Remote? Software Product Engineering in a Virtual World” By Badhrinath ... More

M&E Journal: New Decade, New Cloud-Enabled Production Workflows

By Stephen Tallamy, CTO, EditShare - The cloud is everywhere and nowhere. It’s certainly intangible: very few people know exactly what goes on inside this nebulous artifact. ... More

M&E Journal: Getting Creative With Work-From-Home Technology

By Dean Fernandes, VP Offer Management, Workplace, Mobility, DXC Technology - Businesses around the world are getting a crash course in distributed workforce management during t... More

M&E Journal: Accomplishing Rapid Closed-Captioning Across All Platforms, Using AI

By Russell Wise, SVP, Digital Nirvana - New OTT platforms are entering the streaming marketplace at a dizzying speed, vying to address consumers’ continually increasing deman... More

M&E Journal: Distributed Teamwork: It’s Not ‘When,’ It’s ‘Now’

By Ruven Gotz, Director, Workplace Experience Solutions, Avanade - Humans are social creatures. We rely on body language, facial expressions and vocalizations to interpret the m... More

M&E Journal: What Now? What Next?

On July 23, DigitalFilm Tree CEO Ramy Katrib will speak at the free webinar “Secure Post in the Age of COVID – Guarding Your Media From Hackers.” By Nancy Jundi, COO, Digi... More