M&E Journal: How to Win Against Piracy in the Pandemic Era

Before the pandemic, piracy in North America was costing video service providers more than $4 billion yearly as a result of 7.5 million households reportedly accessing pirated cont... More

From Tech to Consumer, Localization Topics Abound at Feb. 25 CWMF

The impact of COVID-19, the new workflow technologies available, consumer demand for regionalized content and how the industry has banded together to confront supply chain challeng... More

M&E Journal: It Takes an Industry: The Battle Against Video Piracy

Video piracy is not a new issue. Since the dawn of professional movie production, there have been people willing to make a fast buck by exploiting “private property in the form o... More

Strong Security Demand, Record Web Traffic Drove Strong Q4 for Akamai

Continued strong demand for Akamai’s security solutions and record traffic levels on its platform drove strong results for the company in its fourth quarter (ended Dec. 31), acco... More

Akamai: Turning the Tide Against Pirates With Improved Situational Awareness

The industry is starting to turn the tide against video pirates with improved situational awareness and “360 protection” that includes protection, detection and enforcement, ac... More

M&E Journal: Tool Up Your Remote Workforce

In 2019, 68 percent of business leaders felt their cybersecurity risks were increasing. 2020 may have seen another challenge take precedence. It’s safe to say that COVID-19 c... More

Palo Alto Networks: Zero Trust Will Help Companies Win the Cyber War

Zero Trust is revolutionizing network security architecture because it is data-centric and “strategic approach to stopping data breaches,” John Kindervag, field CTO at Palo Alt... More

Security in 2020 Highlighted in Winter Edition of MESA’s M&E Journal

The winter edition of the “M&E Journal,” published by MESA and geared toward senior media and entertainment executives who oversee their companies’ digital futures, is now av... More

CPS 2020: SHIFT Shares Piracy Concerns with Loss of Theatrical Window

For all the pro-and-con discussions around major studios releasing their new films on digital outlets first, one problem flying under the radar is the potential for that content to... More

Friend MTS: An End-to-End Content Protection Approach

From fingerprinting and watermarking, to advanced subscriber identification, Friend MTS makes its mark as a content protection leader by offering platform, channel and content prot... More

Microsoft GM Shares Company’s 5 ‘Ps’ of Storytelling

First joining Microsoft in 1997, Steve Clayton, chief storyteller and GM of Microsoft’s innovation, culture and stories team, spent the first 13 of those years telling stories as... More

Cyberhaven: Why Dynamic Data Tracing is More Effective Than DLP

Media and entertainment companies are increasingly turning away from legacy data loss prevention (DLP) technologies to protect their sensitive data and intellectual property, and t... More

SHIFT Panel to Explore ‘Anti-Piracy Now and Later’ at Dec. 8 CPS

At the Dec. 8 virtual Content Protection Summit Eric Wynalek, VP of strategic initiatives for SHIFT, will lead a panel discussion covering at least three crucial topics for the ind... More

Videocites Nabs Anti-Piracy Award

Videocites and its AI-driven product suite — which provides sophisticated video tracking, copyright management and digital media reach analysis tools to the social media market... More

Richey May Tech to Talk Pandemic Piracy at Dec. 8 Content Protection Summit

Film productions slowed to a crawl, theatrical releases nearly nonexistent, release schedules upended … 2020 has been a tough year for Hollywood. And one misfortunate area that... More

GeoGuard to Stress Territorial Exclusivity at Content Protection Summit

The experts at geolocation spoofing specialists GeoGuard know how important the territorially-based content licensing model is for content owners. At the Dec. 8 virtual Content Pro... More

Convergent Risks: Security Issues Have Only Become ‘Exacerbated’ by COVID

Although the media and entertainment industry supply chain adapted quickly to support a distributed workforce, and the integration of new technologies created a positive side-effec... More

Box, Amblin Execs Tout the Importance of a Strong Content Protection Strategy

Work today happens faster than ever, and that makes the challenge of protecting sensitive data even more complex than in years past. For the media and entertainment industry, havin... More

Imaginate: Making the Overwhelming Simple

Simin Haik, founder of Los Angeles-based boutique advisory and security assessment firm Imaginate, launched the company with the goal of helping vendors complete their Trusted Part... More

Cartesian: Geo-Filtering Testing and Watermarking are Key Ways to Mitigate Risks

Geo-filtering circumvention testing, watermarking and credential sharing analytics are three key ways in which media and entertainment companies can keep their content secure, acco... More

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