CPS 2019: SHIFT, Richey May Technology to Address Security Challenges

Sharing your pre-release content outside of your organization carries risks, but is an unavoidable truth due to many of the workflows that exist today. And from dailies, to work-in-progress reviews in post, to press screeners, content owners are sharing to seemingly random emails, often without using the right tools to unearth social engineers and con artists who’ve infiltrated sharing distribution lists.

On Dec. 4 at the Sheraton Universal Hotel in Los Angeles, Alex Nauda, CTO for workflow tech specialist SHIFT, will share ideas on how content owners can avoid having their pre-release content compromised, during a presentation at the 10th annual Content Protection Summit (CPS).

As part of the “Compliance & Security” set of the day’s breakout technology sessions, Nauda will offer insight into how even small teams can make use of basic vetting techniques thanks to readily available tools (and at minimal cost). Attendees of his presentation — “Vetting Techniques for Internet Sharing Recipients” — will come away knowing how to strengthen content protection by giving every team what they need to take on important controls, in the form of practical vetting processes, a cheat sheet, and the backup they need from in-house expertise.

Following Nauda’s presentation, Michael Wylie, director of cybersecurity services for Richey May Technology Solutions, will give CPS attendees a run-down on what they can do to avoid a cybersecurity breach, in the presentation “Breaches Are Everywhere: Costly Mistakes of Being Unprepared.”

“Content protection doesn’t have to impact the creative process,” Wylie said. “In 30 minutes, attendees will learn how implementing basic cybersecurity best practices can keep them from being the next newsworthy breach.”

To avoid crippling ransomware, a phishing attack, and leaks of customers’ personal information, take a long look at your cybersecurity hygiene. Ask yourself: have you built a sustainable cybersecurity program? Do you have an updated information security plan? Do you have both continuous security monitoring (CSM) and network security monitoring (NSM) programs? Have your disaster recovery and incident response plans been tested? Wylie will share ideas around how to be prepared, to avoid allowing your organization to become the next victim of a breach.

The Content Protection Summit is produced by the Media & Entertainment Services Alliance (MESA) and Content Delivery & Security Association (CDSA), and is presented by SHIFT, with sponsorship by IBM Security, NAGRA, Convergent Risks, LiveTiles, Richey May Technology Solutions, EIDR, the Trusted Partner Network (TPN) and Darktrace.

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