Riscure: DRM Security Trends and Future

Digital rights management (DRM) is known to protect and encrypt content in order to deliver it to the device. DRM’s main purpose is to close the gaps in content protection strate... More

EZDRM: Creating and Maintaining the Content Protection Envelope

Digital rights management (DRM) technology helps to enforce the business rules of a video service provider and the rights of the ultimate content owners. And while protecting your ... More

Digital Silence: Doing Cybersecurity ‘Right’

What do you get when you mix broad business savvy with a sophisticated understanding of today’s threat actors? Denver-based boutique cybersecurity firm Digital Silence, who, in j... More

Global M+E Day: Convergent Risks Aims to Simplify Assessments

Mathew Gilliat-Smith, EVP for Convergent Risks, notices it all the time now: no what the media and entertainment conference is about nowadays, there’s always people talking about... More

Global M+E Day: Box Shield Stops Problems Before They Start

At the June 8 Global Media & Entertainment Day, held at the Royal Garden Hotel in London and via the MESAverse virtual platform, Areg Alimian, senior director of product manage... More

MESA’s Spring M+E Journal Goes Live

The spring edition of the “M&E Journal,” published by MESA and geared toward senior media and entertainment executives who oversee their companies’ digital futures, is now av... More

HITS Spring: Richey May Explores How to Help Vendors Safely Move to the Cloud

As a growing number of content makers and their vendors move to the cloud, it is in the best interest of Hollywood studios and other content companies to make sure their vendors’... More

Convergent Risks to Talk Security Assessments at Global M+E Day

During the June 8 Global Media & Entertainment Day at the Royal Garden Hotel in London — and online via the MESAverse platform — the team at Convergent Risks will give vendors ... More

June 9 ‘Lunch and Learn’ Event Brings Cyberattack Perspective

The June 9 weekly “Lunch and Learn” event will feature Jonathan de Armas, owner and solutions architect for Island Pitch, as he discusses “Applying Best Practices to Building... More

NAGRA: Video Game Sector’s Following the Path of Hollywood on Piracy

NAGRA is increasingly seeing video game makers taking a page from the Hollywood playbook when it comes to securing pre-release content to keep it out of the hands of pirates, accor... More

HITS Spring: Convergent Risks, XL8.ai Address the Challenges of Getting Solution Security Approved

If an organization’s staff is spending far too much time answering security questionnaires in requests for proposal (RFPs) and wondering if there’s an easier way to get this wo... More

Global M+E Day Returns to London June 8

The Global Media & Entertainment Day returns on June 8 live at the Royal Garden Hotel in London, and online via MESA’s virtual platform, the MESAverse. The half-day event wil... More

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