CPS 2021: Exploring the Evolution of CDSA’s Control Framework

Ben Schofield, technical director of the Content Delivery & Security Association (CDSA), used the Content Protection Summit (CPS) event on Dec. 16 to provide an update on the C... More

M&E Journal: Ransomware: The Boogeyman That Wasn’t

Ransomware everywhere. We hear about it so frequently it has lost its novelty as a buzzword. It is such a commonly uttered term in fact, not unlike “the cloud,” we should take ... More

CPS 2021: Watermarking is Crucial to Protect M&E Content, NAGRA Exec Says

Forensic watermarking such as NAGRA’s NexGuard, combined with a robust anti-piracy strategy, play crucial roles in protecting the content of media and entertainment organizations... More

CPS 2021: Zero Trust Can Help Safeguard Your Most Vital Assets, archTIS Says

Applying a zero trust intellectual property (IP) protection methodology to data access and sharing can help safeguard a media and entertainment company’s most vital assets and en... More

CPS 2021: Code42 Exec Examines Insider Best Risk Best Practices for M&E Companies

Amid rising insider risk in 2021, media and entertainment organizations have struggled to keep ahead of data exfiltration events using existing security controls and strategies tha... More

CPS 2021: The Rise of Virtual Film Festivals

In 2020, when the pandemic lockdowns took hold, the film festival circuit seemed to be in jeopardy. But virtual film festival technology platforms saved the day and came into pr... More

M&E Journal: Have Security Procedures Kept Pace With the New Threat Landscape?

Even in late 2021, it seemed that only a minority of people working in the M&E supply chain were back in their office. “The biggest impact of COVID-19 may be remote work. Pre... More

CPS 2021: CDSA Explores Connection Between Leadership, Management, Business Decisions

There is a significant connection between leadership, management and business decisions that technology companies can leverage to strengthen their security strategies, according to... More

CPS 2021: NAGRA, Vision Media Tout the Importance of Always-On Security

Between the global pandemic reiterating the need for quality video content and also accelerating media and entertainment industry changes with new business, distribution and produc... More

CPS 2021: Synamedia Provides a Closer Look at Consumers’ Illegal Streaming Behavior

When it comes to pirated content, sports serves as the “gateway to all other pirated content,” whether it’s movies, TV shows or video games, according to Justin Caple, VP of ... More

Riscure: Security Evaluation with Cryptography Roots

Netherlands-based connected-device security specialists Riscure is among the top players when it comes to side channel analysis, fault injection, connected device architecture and ... More

M&E Journal: Securing M&E’s Remote Work Reality

In late 2021 a workplace survey from remote-access tech firm Teradici not only confirmed what the media and entertainment industry already knew, but put an exclamation point behind... More

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