New OnPrem Video Series Provides Deep Dive Into Evolution of DAM

Jon Christian, founding partner of L.A.-based media and entertainment consulting firm OnPrem Solution Partners, has been implementing digital asset management (DAM) systems for the digital media supply chains of major media companies for more than 20 years.

Today, Christian sees the traditional definition of what’s expected of DAM evolving into something more: the need for comprehensive digital media supply chain (DMSC) solution, where content companies must demand more from asset management tools and systems, to take full advantage of their assets, from production to end-user consumption.

That’s the message behind OnPrem’s new, nine-part, master-class video series, “The Digital Media Supply Chain For Marketing Assets.”

Hosted by Christian and OnPrem’s leading experts in the supply chain space, the series is geared toward offering content companies everything they need in order to implement adaptable, modern DMSC solutions, “an entire organization’s processes and tools to manage content and associated metadata, from initial production, all the through to end-user consumption,” Christian said.

“We’re seeing companies really need to buckle down, and automate their DMSCs,” Christian said, regarding why OnPrem launched the series. “We’re looking at the entire process, from content creation, to rights management integration, to publishing, and examining the connective tissues and glue that goes into it.”

Beyond traditional DAM, Christian sees the concept of DMSC going further, covering master data management, rights management, content management, and streaming services, all tied together with data and analytics. An effective DMSC implementation results in a faster time to market, better efficiency and security, and, ultimately, cost savings, Christian said. OnPrem’s DMSC series will not only help content companies recognize and avoid potential asset management shortfalls, but will also offer a step-by-step path toward implementing DMSC.

Chapters in the video series include “Building a Business Case,” “Designing Your Solution for Today, Ready to Scale Tomorrow,” “Data Migration,” “Onboarding and Change Management,” and more. Christian said every episode will offer a unique perspective around how companies approach their digital media chains.

“Different companies are at different points in the maturation curve with DMSC,” he said. “This series points out not only best practices, but also potential pitfalls.”

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