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Éclair to Detail Localisation Challenges (and Solutions) at 5th Nov. Smart Content Summit EU

Roughly 30% of the localisation business is concentrated among just a handful of companies, mostly for the major studios and top broadcasters. The other 70% of services are rendered by more far more than a handful of companies worldwide, mostly geared toward small content companies.

At the 5th November Smart Content Summit EU Eclair Versioning & Accessibility‘s (EVA) Manel Carreras, chief commercial officer, and Angel Martin, managing director, will share ideas for that second group of companies, what they need to stand out, what the future holds for their business, and to further open business opportunities via collaboration.

“As part of this vendors segment, we want to open eyes to MESA members about the important role of those companies in the market,” Martin said. “Some of them hold important influence in local markets, and while they’re high-level professionals, and focused on a high level of service, most of them have limited resources to create their own tools, their own platforms.”

Éclair’s presentation — “Localisation Vendors Challenges And Opportunities — A Deep Look into Small- to Mid-Sized Studios/Companies” — will see Martin and Carreras offer detailed industry figures, market share and volume data; segment profile challenges, along with strengths and opportunities; and potential weaknesses that may be of interest for localisation specialists.

Smart Content Summit EU is produced by MESA and MESA Europe, in association with CDSA, HITS and the Smart Content Council, which meets regularly to share best practices, evaluate emerging technologies and collaborate to accelerate the pace of transformation in our industry. The summit is sponsored by Apptek, ATMECS, Cognizant, Digital Nirvana, Éclair, Eluvio, EIDR, Iyuno Media Group, TransPerfect, NAGRA, Premiere Digital and Whip Media Group.

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