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Premiere Digital to Share Monetisation Strategies at 5th Nov. Smart Content Summit EU

Now that the home is the main avenue for content distribution, it’s become even more crucial to make the most of the data in hand to inform your content decisions.

At the 5th November Smart Content Summit EU, Tanya Cornejo, director of customer success for digital media distribution and software firm Premiere Digital, will give attendees a look at how her company’s STOREFRONT SaaS solution can give major studios and digital platforms a leg up in managing their global content distribution.

“We live in an unprecedented era where home entertainment is the main outlet for content distribution and consumers are excited for both new and nostalgic movies and TV,” she said. “In this session, the audience will learn how STOREFRONT, a world class SaaS tool, will help content creators with developing data-driven strategies with the following KPI’s in mind: industry trends (competitive insights), catalogue availability (is my content live?), and title performance (is my title trending today?).”

The session will highlight how the platform automates time-consuming workflows, and revolutionises title management via automated processes and global visibility, ranging from title pricing, availability and metadata, all the way through the end of the digital supply chain. The platform goes further, with market intelligence across more than 20 retailers and 130-plus territories, providing actionable industry and competitor insights.

Smart Content Summit EU is produced by MESA and MESA Europe, in association with CDSA, HITS and the Smart Content Council, which meets regularly to share best practices, evaluate emerging technologies and collaborate to accelerate the pace of transformation in our industry. The summit is sponsored by ATMECS, Cognizant, Deluxe, Digital Nirvana, Éclair, Eluvio, Iyuno Media Group, MediaNext, NAGRA, Premiere Digital, Whip Media Group, AppTek, and EIDR.

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