EIDR Leads Dynamic Content Switching Discussion at March 16 SCS

The future of direct-to-consumer entertainment may lie in tailoring the viewing experience to viewer’s interests (content) and platform (content format).

This “dynamic content switching” benefits both viewers and the advertisers, leading to more views and higher ad revenues. In live streaming, it can adjust the content to the situation, and for recorded programs, it can match the content encoding to the viewer’s platform and delivery path. And it allows for targeted advertising to match the viewer’s interests, all while accounting for the surrounding program content and the adjacent advertisements within any ad pod.

At the March 16 Smart Content Summit event, Jim DeChant, VP of technology for the News-Press & Gazette Broadcasting, Harold Geller, executive director of the Advertising Digital Identification LLC (Ad-ID), and Richard Kroon, director of technical operations for the Entertainment ID Registry (EIDR), will discuss this new approach in the panel discussion “Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Dynamic Content Switching (But Were Afraid to Ask).”

“Targeting user content depends on common naming conventions, common nomenclature and a conformed process,” DeChant said. “Ad-ID and EIDR indexes will be critical in creating a reliable and efficient contend distribution and replacement system.”

Kroon added: “We’ll dive into the latest developments in dynamic content switching in ATSC 3.0 (for both programs and ads) and the potential it has to increase AVOD revenues for streaming service platforms.

“Targeting ads to both content and viewer can dramatically increase the value per impression. VOD is all about delivering specific content to a viewer. AVOD can deliver ads without context, rolling the dice on conversion rate, or can take advantage of dynamic content switching to target ads based on the surrounding program content to improve the odds.”

Kroon said the panel will introduce both program- and ad-based dynamic content switching and show how the experience gained under ATSC 3.0 can be applied to AVOD to increase advertising value.

The Smart Content Summit is produced by MESA and the Smart Content Council, and is sponsored by Microsoft Azure, Whip Media Group, Richey May Technology Solutions, BeBanjo, Digital Nirvana, Softtek, 24Notion, EIDR and Signiant.

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