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Synamedia to Map Streaming Piracy Threats at CPS EU Event

With more streaming services comes more piracy, as content pirates exploit vulnerabilities at every point of the video distribution chain, costing OTT service providers billions in revenue.

What’s worse, is that beyond stealing premium content, pirates deal in stolen credentials, can hijack an entire OTT service, and even host rival services, to take away your legitimate subscribers.

At the 29th June Content Protection Summit Europe (CPS EU) event, Orly Amsalem, product manager of video security for Synamedia, will detail how streaming pirates are operating in today’s ever-evolving and sophisticated ecosystem, in the presentation “Stealing the Stream: Mapping and Addressing Streaming Piracy Threats.” And how to fight back.

“Our audience will learn about different attacks pirates apply on different parts on the distribution chain, and how they use combined technologies and means in order to execute those attacks,” Amsalem said. “I’m hoping the audience will come away with understanding that stealing a stream can happen in many ways and that the vector attacks is complex and include many weak points. They will also come away with the knowledge on how to address those attacks.”

The session will show that the best way to confront how pirates infiltrate a service is by undertaking painstaking, forensic, intelligence-led approaches, and using cybersecurity solutions that work hand-in-hand with those approaches, to disrupt and demotivate pirates at every turn.

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