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LMT’s Morrissey to Talk Language Codes at Endorse

On 14 March at Endorse, the European conference on reference data and semantics, presented by the Publications Office of the European Union Meg Morrissey, co-chair of the Language Metadata Table (LMT), will present the session “Localisation and Standard Language Codes.”

Her presentation will dive into why standardised language codes are needed to ensure localisation success. The LMT provides the single-source solution for language codes, while adhering to the ISO standard IETF BCP 47. Initially conceived for the broadcast and media industry, the LMT is applicable anywhere language codes are needed. The LMT was selected as the language code standard of choice for the Cloud Localisation Blueprint (CLB) that was recently presented in Amsterdam at the IBC event.

The LMT has more than 270 language codes, and more codes are in the process of being added. This presentation will provide the current state of where the LMT is today, and where it is headed as adoption by organisations from content creators to distributors and others increases.

“Attendees will learn about the Language Metadata Table, a flexible metadata standard, and the Cloud Localisation Blueprint, a framework for streamlined asset movement through the media and entertainment ecosystem,” Morrissey said. “The intent is that folks will walk away with a better understanding of how the LMT supports and enhances workflow frameworks like the Cloud Localisation Blueprint and beyond.”