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CPS 2021: Exploring the Evolution of CDSA’s Control Framework

Ben Schofield, technical director of the Content Delivery & Security Association (CDSA), used the Content Protection Summit (CPS) event on Dec. 16 to provide an update on the C... More

M&E Journal: Ransomware: The Boogeyman That Wasn’t

Ransomware everywhere. We hear about it so frequently it has lost its novelty as a buzzword. It is such a commonly uttered term in fact, not unlike “the cloud,” we should take ... More

CPS 2021: Code42 Exec Examines Insider Best Risk Best Practices for M&E Companies

Amid rising insider risk in 2021, media and entertainment organizations have struggled to keep ahead of data exfiltration events using existing security controls and strategies tha... More

CPS 2021: The Rise of Virtual Film Festivals

In 2020, when the pandemic lockdowns took hold, the film festival circuit seemed to be in jeopardy. But virtual film festival technology platforms saved the day and came into pr... More

CPS 2021: Synamedia Provides a Closer Look at Consumers’ Illegal Streaming Behavior

When it comes to pirated content, sports serves as the “gateway to all other pirated content,” whether it’s movies, TV shows or video games, according to Justin Caple, VP of ... More

Riscure: Security Evaluation with Cryptography Roots

Netherlands-based connected-device security specialists Riscure is among the top players when it comes to side channel analysis, fault injection, connected device architecture and ... More

CPS 2021: The ‘Bad Guys’ are Still Out There – And They’re Everywhere

2021 proved to be a difficult year when it came to identifying (and stopping) threat actors, who were out in force and continue to pose a major challenge to media and entertainment... More

CPS 2021: Keynoter Talks the ‘Now’ vs. ‘New’ Normal in Security

It’s a phrase you’ve heard ad nauseam over the last two years, and you’re probably going to hear it a lot in 2022 as well: “new normal.” How else do we wrap our head a... More

Content Protection Summit Brings Industry Stakeholders Back Together

The Dec. 16 Content Protection Summit event at the Luxe Sunset Boulevard Hotel in Los Angeles will finally bring industry stakeholders back together in person together again to min... More

Protecting Data-Centric Information the archTIS Way

Barton, Australia-based firm archTIS, which offers software solutions for the secure collaboration of sensitive information, center around applying and enforcing dynamic, policy-dr... More

Convergent Risks Leads Virtual Film Festival Security Panel at Dec. 16 CPS

At the Dec. 16 Content Protection Summit event in Los Angeles, Mathew Gilliat-Smith, EVP of Convergent Risks, will lead a panel diving into the security around virtual film festiva... More

Former Presidential Advisor to Keynote Dec. 16 Content Protection Summit

Roger Cressey, a cybersecurity and counter-terrorism expert who served and advised in three presidential administrations, will be the opening keynote speaker at the Dec. 16 Content... More

IBM Security Brings Zero Trust Message to Content Protection Summit

At the Dec. 16 Content Protection Summit event in Los Angeles, Alden Hutchison, partner with IBM Security, will take the stage not once, but twice, to deliver messages about a cruc... More

Harvard, CNN Security Expert to Keynote Dec. 16 Content Protection Summit

Juliette Kayyem, senior Belfer lecturer in international security at Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government and faculty director of the university’s Homeland Security Project a... More

MultiChoice Lays Out How It Disconnected Thousands of Pirates

Piracy continues to be a major challenge for the media and entertainment industry but African entertainment company MultiChoice was able to significantly cut down on it and lessen ... More

Impact of Ransomware Attacks Discussed at Nov. 16 Webinar

The volume and impact of ransomware attacks are increasing at alarming rates, and what’s surprising is that many organizations are falling victim to vulnerabilities they’re alr... More

CDSA’s Content Protection Summit Returns to L.A. Dec. 16

The Content Delivery & Security Association (CDSA) has announced the Content Protection Summit — the premiere gathering of the top security and asset protection minds in the M&E ... More

The Many Forms of Piracy Explored at Video Security Summit

Video piracy continues to have a major impact on consumers, media industries, the Internet and on technology, according to Steve Hawley, founder and managing director of Piracy Mon... More

Video Security Summit Set for Oct. 19-20

Make no mistake: the ecosystem that is today’s media and entertainment industry is threatened to its core by piracy. The first-of-its-kind all-digital Video Security Summit expos... More

ME-ISAC Holds Monthly Networking Event Oct. 5

On Oct. 5, the Media & Entertainment Information Sharing Analysis Center (ME-ISAC) — an initiative within the Content Delivery & Security Association (CDSA), for the benefit of t... More

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