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CPS 2022 to Tackle All Corners of Securing Productions, Distribution

The 2022 edition of the Content Protection Summit (CPS), being held in-person Dec. 6 in Los Angeles, and virtually in the MESAverse, MESA’s virtual work environment for its membe... More

Dec. 6 CPS Convergent Risks Panel to Tackle App Security

There’s a range of security measures that Software-as-a-Services (SaaS) application providers go through for approval by investors, content owners, and partners alike. And there ... More

British HITS Panel: The Rising Threat of Residential IP Addresses

The newest threat that over-the-top (OTT) streaming services are facing – hijacked residential IP addresses – was explored during the session “Residential IP Addresses: A Ris... More

Counter-Terrorism Analyst, U.S. CISA Chief to Keynote Dec. 6 CPS

Roger Cressey, a cybersecurity and counter-terrorism expert who served and advised in three presidential administrations, and Kiersten E. Todt, chief of staff of the federal Cybers... More

SoCal Women’s Leadership Summit 2022: The Strong Impact of Female Tech Leaders

During the panel session “Leading (Women!) Through Technology Innovation” at the SoCal Women’s Leadership Summit 2022 on Nov. 4 in Los Angeles, Women in Technology: Hollywood... More

How Wasabi Can Help Keep An Organization’s Data Safe

Many organizations are at risk of losing access to their critical Microsoft 365 data. But Wasabi Hot Cloud Storage and Veeam Backup for Microsoft 365 provides unlimited backup to c... More

GeoComply, Kingsmead Security Talk Rising Threats at British HITS

At the 15th Nov British Hollywood Innovation & Transformation Summit (HITS) event in London, James Clark, GM of media and entertainment for GeoComply, and Brian Paxton, managin... More

US, UK Schools Benefit From IBM Security Grant

School districts in California, Indiana, Michigan, New York, New Hampshire, and Virginia, as well in Ireland and United Arab Emirates, are the first eight recipients of the 2022 IB... More

Fortinet Upgrades Single-Vendor SASE Solution

Fortinet, the driving force in the evolution of cybersecurity and the convergence of networking and security, has announced significant cloud-delivered enhancements to FortiSASE, t... More

CDSA, Fortinet at EES: More Data Equals More Problems

There are many routes through which companies can collect consumer data and it has become much easier to collect and use this data to drive a direct-to-consumer (D2C) strategy. ... More

Industry Experts Explore the Importance of Content Protection and More

When it comes to operational challenges, it is critical for a media and entertainment organization to be prepared and have the right tools and workflows to manage operations – an... More

Hey, Film and TV Industry: Are You Paying Attention to the Metaverse?

Facebook announced that its parent company changed its name to Meta at the end of October. A few minutes after the announcement by Mark Zuckerberg, Google searches for the term met... More

MESA Members Bring Solutions to IBC

For the first time in three years, the IBC Show is live in Amsterdam, and MESA members will again be well-represented, with more than two dozen exhibiting, MESA holding a cybersecu... More

Deception Technologies See a New Dawn

Dating back more than 30 years to the original “honeypot” design, the idea of deception technologies has come into new focus as the attack surface grows and threat actors have ... More

Drowning in Security Alerts? Automation to the (SOC) Rescue

Data is the new currency, and it’s being distributed throughout the world by both legacy and new organizations. One of the key challenges in M&E and every industry is how to p... More

Enable Productivity, Seamless Experiences, Without Sacrificing Security

Growth in the M&E space has come from high-quality content delivered to more people on an increasing number of platforms. According to PwC’s 2022 Global Entertainment and Med... More

Fortinet: Security-Driven Networking for a Hyperconnected World

With more than 580,000 customers around the globe, Sunnyvale, Calif.-based security firm Fortinet is No. 1 in network security solutions deployed worldwide and leading the pack for... More

Inside the New Copyright Claims Board

A few short weeks ago, the new Copyright Claims Board, “an efficient and user-friendly option” to resolve copyright small claims (up to $30,000), opened for business. “Effici... More

Video Security Summit: Piracy Remains a Challenge for Sports Programming

Popular sports programming is especially vulnerable to piracy and quickly identifying infringing use is critical, according to Friend MTS, a content security company based in Birmi... More

M&E Journal: Is Security Any Different for the Metaverse?

A metaverse opinion poll from Ipsos stated: “Thirty-eight percent of Americans report familiarity with the metaverse, but less than one in five (16 percent) can correctly define ... More

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