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Sohonet Releases Groups For ClearView Flex

Groups is a new framework for managing user permissions and access to Flexboxes under your Project, giving you more control over how your teams are organised. Many settings can now... More

Bridging the Irish Sea for ‘Fate: The Winx Saga’ (Sohonet Blog)

Within its first month of release after its Netflix debut, Fate was watched by 57 million subscribers, prompting the streamer to renew the series for a second season which has now ... More

No Pixels Lost in Translation: ClearView Flex for VFX (Sohonet Blog)

In this age of blockbuster movies and TV shows, where the credits seem to include every VFX vendor in the industry, it’s no surprise that collaboration is a key component. Add in... More

OTT House Audio Adopts ClearView Flex to Extend Client and Staff Flexibility (Sohonet Blog)

Ott House Audio's Cheryl Ottenritter talks remote work, ClearView Flex, sound mixing and the ability to accommodate client needs from anywhere in the world.... More

ClearView Flex and Sharpe Sound Keep ‘Snowpiercer’ on Track (Sohonet Blog)

The first season was produced in 2019 with direct hands-on access by creatives with the sound team at the full-service audio house in Vancouver, but the second season was post prod... More

Picture Shop Takes Its Remote Capabilities to the Next Level

Picture Shop’s Don Thompson and Allan Pinvidic chats with Sohonet about remote tools, hybrid workflows and delivering shows for Disney+ and Nickelodeon with ClearView Flex.... More

Sohonet Chats With The Mill’s Head of Technology

Bringing The Mill’s world-class finishing and color team into a remote workflow and utilizing ClearView Flex for critical live streaming sessions with both clients and teams, wit... More

PBS Builds Permanent Bridge Between Producers, Editors With ClearView Flex

Many post-producers and broadcasters had their plans for remote editorial accelerated as a result of the pandemic, but very few had it within their wheelhouse all along.... More

Going Remote With Sohonet Opens Pandora’s Box for Sound Visionaries Formosa

Fans of CBS shows Dynasty and Bull would have been bereft were it not for the smart work of post producer Formosa Group. The latest seasons of the shows were finished during the pa... More

Sohonet Talks VFX, Color Grading With REDLAB’s Walt Biljan

Sohonet chats with leading colorist and partner at REDLAB Walt Biljan – and attempted to fit everything from working on Schitt’s Creek to dealing with COVID and performing colo... More

Sohonet’s ClearView Flex Part of Molinare’s Remote Work Solutions (Sohonet Blog)

Rather than rely on one tool, Molinare’s Director of Technology, Darren Woolfson, engaged a combination of solutions including HP’s Remote Graphics Software, Teradici for acces... More

Sharpe Sound Delivers for Studios With ClearView Flex

Sohonet sits down with Sharpe Sound’s, Sound Mixer and Supervisor, Kelly Cole to hear about his experience working remotely and delivering for the likes of Disney and Netflix wit... More

Sohonet Honoured With Lumiere Award

The company was honoured by the Advanced Imaging Society for its groundbreaking ClearView Flex, a user-friendly, real-time remote collaboration capability with a wide range of uses... More

Florentine Films Finishes ‘Hemingway’ Remotely With ClearView Flex (Sohonet Blog)

Even as the pandemic eases the most immediate concerns of working in a facility, remote solutions have opened up a flexible work environment that won’t be reversed.... More

Sohonet Goes Behind the Scenes With Animation Studio Animal Logic

Sohonet talks to the animation powerhouse that is Animal Logic and see how they’ve been responding to C-19 and look at how they’ve been using Sohonet’s ClearView Flex to faci... More

Martell Sound Owner Talks Mixing Trailers Remotely With ClearView Flex

Sound mixer and company owner Marcus Zalewski on mixing trailers remotely and providing real-time review for clients using Sohonet's ClearView Flex.... More

Sohonet Updates ClearView Flex

Sohonet has announced new updates to ClearView Flex, to make real-time collaboration both more affordable and accessible. (more…)... More

Sohonet Wins Engineering Emmy for Advancing Remote Collaboration With ClearView Flex

Sohonet has been honored with an Engineering Emmy Award for ClearView Flex, a user-friendly, real-time remote collaboration capability that creatives can initiate and manage for a ... More

Arsenal FX and Sohonet: Working Remotely, Working Seamlessly (Sohonet Blog)

Arsenal FX on performing VFX and editorial reviews, title sessions and other finishing workflows throughout lockdown over Sohonet's ClearView Flex.... More

Sohonet Examines How ClearView Flex, Moxion Immediates Help Off-Set Productions (MESA)

In a new blog post, connectivity and data management services specialist Sohonet examines post-pandemic production workflows and the tools helping connect remote units and facilita... More