IT Spending in the UK on the Rise to Meet the New Normal (Consultancy)

The spending of British businesses on IT has risen dramatically over the last year, as employers rush to adapt to the bulk of their staff working from home. While eight-in-ten firm... More

IBM’s Hernandez Discusses Future of AIOps, Measuring ROI (IW)

More automation of IT operations may be on the way to industry and regulated sectors that have yet to embrace its possibilities.... More

European Commission Gives Green Light on Data Adequacy Agreement With UK (City AM)

The European Commission has said the UK’s data protection laws are in line with the EU’s, paving the way for a long-term adequacy decision. The preliminary decision has been we... More

IBM Reveals Five-Year Quantum Development Roadmap (Forbes)

Every year we get closer to mainstream use of quantum computers. IBM continues its approach to making that a reality with a step-by-step roll out of new quantum hardware and softwa... More

UK Recruiters Ramping Up Digital Transformation Efforts (ITProPortal)

For the first time in a decade, the talent shortage has been dethroned as the number one challenge for recruiters.... More

TikTok’s Next Big Thing? A Strange Plan to Take Over Your TV (Wired)

The app’s arrival on smart TVs is part of a plan to diversify its audience – and bring its stars further into the mainstream... More

UK’s Cybersecurity Industry Defies Tumultuous 2020 (IT Pro)

The number of UK cybersecurity businesses surged by 21% between 2019 and 2020 to number 1,483, with the industry as a whole bucking wider economic trends to create an additional 3,... More

AI Security: Curation, Context, Other Keys to the Future (Security Intelligence)

Security leaders need to cut through the hype when it comes to artificial intelligence security. While AI offers promise, buzzwords and big-picture thinking aren’t enough to deli... More

Demand for Tech Developers Push Average UK Pay to Among Highest in the World (YF)

UK developers are the highest paid in Europe and the third highest tech earners globally, a new report revealed. The average tech wage in the UK is just ahead of the Netherlands wi... More

ECB, Microsoft Partner to ‘Redefine’ Cricket (The Record)

The collaboration will explore how technologies such as artificial intelligence, data and analytics can inform the performance of England’s national teams, and unlock new opportu... More

SPACs Set Their Sights on the European Tech Ecosystem (Tech Monitor)

'Blank cheque' companies offer tech businesses a quick and easy way to go public. Now they're coming to Europe.... More

Sweden to Establish National Cybersecurity Centre (CW)

The country’s public and private sectors will both be served by the national cyber security centre, helping to bolster security against cyber threats across Swedish society. The ... More

North-West England ‘Perfect’ Growth Area for Tech Startups (CW)

Industry groups mapping the UK’s technology landscape say the North-West of England is a hotspot for growing tech firms, which benefit from increasing investment and geographic p... More

Barcelona – A European Innovation Hub With a Future (Innovation Origins)

Catalonia has rapidly become a major European hub for digital innovation and biomedical technology. But the future lies in industrial technology.... More

IBM Unveils Elite Hybrid Cloud Build Team

Specialised Hybrid Cloud Build Team co-creates advanced solutions with ecosystem partners; helps modernise and migrate workloads, and infuses AI into software. (more…)... More

Why CISO is Now the Third Highest-Earning Job in UK (Tech HQ)

As businesses continue to invest in technology to support business growth and remote working, there's never been a greater demand for tech skills.... More

What Will the National Cyber Force Do, and Will it Make the UK Safer? (Verdict)

A new partnership between the UK’s military and spy agencies promises to transform the country’s cyber operations.... More

IBM Promises 100x Faster Quantum Systems by the End of 2021 (IT Pro)

IBM’s has added a new goal to its quantum development roadmap by pledging to speed up its quantum computing systems by an impressive 100x by the end of this year. This means that... More

These are the UK Tech Hubs That Will Thrive After the Pandemic (Wired)

As the pandemic breaks companies’ ties to major cities, tech talent is springing up in unusual new hotspots.... More

Innovation is Why London is Ahead as World’s Financial Capital (CityAM)

One of the principal reasons for this success is London’s ability to innovate. With a globally connected market, skilled talent, and regulatory and government support, the UK is ... More

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