Spotify CEO to Invest Over $1B of His Own Wealth for ‘Moonshot’ Bets in Europe (CNBC)

Spotify CEO Daniel Ek announced he will commit 1 billion euros of his own resources to invest in European start-ups. Ek said he would use the funds to make “moonshot” bets in t... More

As European Tech Ecosystem Matures, European Tech Firms Prefer Europe Over U.S. as Engineering Bases (Silicon Canals)

The European tech ecosystem seems to be maturing and strengthening, the report suggests. 59% of European start-ups expanded, or moved entirely, to the US ahead of Series A funding ... More

COVID-19 Drives Biggest Surge in Technology Investment in History (IA)

Covid-19 has caused the biggest ever surge in technology investment, as companies spent around $15 billion extra a week on technology during the pandemic’s first wave. This techn... More

How COVID-19 Has Changed IT’s Focus, Plans for 2021 (CW)

Bread-and-butter investments to modernise workforce systems and improve IT operations are the post-pandemic focus for IT buyers in North America and Europe, a survey shows.... More

UK-Japan £15.2bn Trade Deal Will Boost London Tech Firms (LLB)

It is the UK’s first major trade deal outside the EU. A deal with Japan could increase trade by £15.2bn, giving a £1.5bn boost to economy and increasing UK workers’ wages by... More

The Future of Cybersecurity – Pitting Machine Against Machine (Tech HQ)

At Darktrace’s AI labs, Cyber Analysts have been exploring what offensive AI might look. Developing prototypes that autonomously determine an organisation’s most high-profile t... More

IBM Publishes its Quantum Roadmap (TechCrunch)

IBM today, for the first time, published its road map for the future of its quantum computing hardware. There is a lot to digest here, but the most important news in the short term... More

The Amsterdam Tech Sector is Now Worth €73bn (Sifted)

Technology companies in Amsterdam are now worth a combined €73bn, a seven-fold increase on five years ago, in a sign of how the city’s tech ecosystem has taken off in recent ye... More

Valencia Mayor: We are Ready to Become Testing Ground for Innovation in Europe (Euractiv)

Valencia is one of the dozen finalists in the race to become the 2020 European Capital of Innovation. Its mayor, Joan Ribó, defended their mission-oriented proposal to overcome th... More

It’s the Biggest Job in Tech: So Why Can’t They Find Anyone to Do it? (ZDNet)

An exciting new vacancy has opened up that will likely tempt some IT leaders into freshening up their CV: the UK is recruiting a Government Chief Digital Officer (GCDO), who will b... More

Will the Dutch City of Leeuwarden Become This Year’s EU Capital of Innovation? (IO)

On 24 September, the European Commission will announce which city will be this year's European Capital of Innovation.... More

Why Europe is Becoming a Hotbed of Ad Tech Innovation (Digiday)

The European ad tech sector has often been perceived as being in the shadow of its U.S. counterpart. The addressable consumer market is smaller and there has been less supply of ve... More

IBM Will Use AI to Pipe in Simulated Crowd Noise During the U.S. Open (VentureBeat)

IBM says it leveraged its AI Highlights platform to digest video from last year’s U.S. Open and rank the “excitement level” of various clips, which it compiled into a reel an... More

These are the Best European Countries for Startups in 2020 (Silicon Canals)

Ever since COVID-19, companies as well as individuals need to take multiple factors into account to keep their business going steadily. The current market environment can also be a... More

The Tech Verticals Leading the UK Tech Sector’s Pandemic Response (Verdict)

According to a new report, the UK tech sector has truly cemented itself as one of the world’s leading centres of innovation, employing over 2.9m people and attracting £10.1 bn i... More

Keywords Studios Acquires Maverick Media (Proactive)

Keywords Studios has acquired Maverick Media, a video games creative marketing agency, in a deal worth up to £3.6mln. The video game development services group said London-based M... More

Microsoft Helping to Transform the Fan Experience (The Record)

As new technologies allow greater insights into the interactions sports fans have with their teams and favourite players, sports organisations are personalising their offerings for... More

Why Investing in Emerging Europe-Based Companies is a Good Bet (Emerging Europe)

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How the Chancellor’s Plan for Jobs Could Benefit the UK Tech Sector (CW)

Rishi Sunak’s Plan for Jobs has underlined once again that the chancellor is not afraid of pumping money into the economy to support businesses and maintain employment. The centr... More

Over Half of European Tech Firms See M&A as Key Growth Opportunity (IA)

The European Technology Index from DLA Piper surveyed the financial outlook of European tech firms, and found that the main benefits of M&A cited by respondents included access to ... More